Best Choice How To Get Rid of A Hemorrhoid At Home with Natural Remedy

How to get rid of a hemorrhoid fast at home with natural treatment is the terms that most searched by those who suffered this problem. Choosing other treatment through medical is as the last optional. Considering some factors such as cost, following treatment, soreness and other makes the curing still the first choice. And here what you can do to cure your hemorrhoids with natural treatment.

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IBS Diet Guidelines : FODMAP and Alternatives

IBS or stand for Irritable Bowel Syndrome is one disease that attacks human digestive system precisely in part of the large intestine. Many people think of the IBS disease is just like as regular diarrhea but in fact they need to be careful because it could be worse just like other serious diseases. The IBS disease can come and go for years and even a lifetime suffered by patients. Indeed diarrhea is one of the symptoms of IBS. Besides, there are some other symptoms people need to know.

IBS Symptoms

Cramping and stomachache are some of the IBS symptoms but usually decreases after a stool. In addition, other symptoms that commonly arise bloating and swelling stomach, fatigue, easily farting, diarrhea, feces contains mucus, nausea, back pain, and others.

Then who is susceptible to IBS disease? The disease allows to attack those who under the age of 45 years old, female, sufferer of mental disorders such as stress, trauma, and depression. Moreover, a family history of IBS has also contributed to the risk to their generation.

Knowing The IBS Causes Before Choosing The Right Diet Treatment

Before moving on to the treatment of people with IBS, note also the factors or causes of a person can suffer IBS. Several things trigger the disease can be divided into several categories, namely in terms of food, stress, hormones, and another disease like diarrhea infection (gastroenteritis).

Actually there are some IBS treatments that you should know, but for this time, we are talking about some IBS diet lists and guidelines.

The food is of course associated with a person’s lifestyle. High FODMAP food can trigger and make worse of IBS e.g. chocolate, spicy foods, fatty foods, certain fruits, beans, cabbage, broccoli, milk, alcohol, soft drink, and others.

FODMAP : Best Diet for IBS

What is FODMAP? FODMAP is carbohydrates that are difficult to be digested by the body and easily found in everyday human food.

FODMAP (as explained in Monash University) is an abbreviation of several letters, namely:

  • F for fermentable
  • O for oligosaccharides (fructans and Galactans)
  • D for Disaccharides (Lactose)
  • M for Monosaccharides (Fructose)
  • A for And
  • P for Polyols (Sugar alcohols).

How FODMAP Works on IBS

FODMAP is a kind of food with carbohydrates that are not fully digested by the body. This led to the production of additional gas and fluid into the intestine. FODMAP will be fermented by the body’s natural bacteria as it passes through the small intestine into the large intestine.

The liquid and gases cause pain, bloating, diarrhea in people with IBS. Then, it is needed a way to reduce the intake of excessive FODMAP by performing FODMAP diet. It is a diet to reduce the consumption of particular foods containing high FODMAP.

The patient will feel better after applying FODMAP diet system. This diet will balance the bacteria in the intestine that would also give an influence to other organs such as brain for patients who complain of headaches.

Sample Food with High FODMAP that Should Avoid

Below some food that contains high FODMAP :

Food with High Fructose
Some fruits and vegetables which are high in FODMAP e.g., high fructose as in apple, cherry, mango, pear, watermelon, fig, high fructose corn syrup, honey, artichokes, beetroot, cabbage, brussel sprouts, chicory, beans, asparagus, and sugar snap peas.

Food with High Fructans
Furthermore, high fructans food can be obtained from peach, rambutan, watermelon, rye, barley, onions, and garlic. The examples of High polyoils are apple, apricot, lychee, nectarine, plum, prune, pear, cauliflower, mushroom, and snow pea. The sugar in milk also contains lactose, while galacto is contained in nuts.

There are also many foods that contain high FODMAP like sorbitol, mannitol, dandelion tea, fruit and sauce pastes, fruit juices, milk, cream, grain-based food (pasta, noodle, bread, cereal, biscuits, and milk-based food like ice cream, yogurt, and cheese.

Low FODMAP Diet Guide

To reduce and maintain regular intake of foods that are harmful to patients with IBS, a simple way is to create a new habit by changing lifestyle to be healthy. For good management for IBS treatment, the patient would need the help of a nutritionist doctor.

Low FODMAP Foods

Then, what should be consumed by people with IBS? Some of the following foods will help the process of decreasing FODMAP. For fruits, it is good to consume lemon, grapefruit, banana, blueberry, and raspberry.

Moreover, vegetables and grains such as carrot, celery, green beans, pumpkin, zucchini, potato, oats, tapioca, rice, and gluten free bread or cereal are also good.

There are also other products made from milk that are good for IBS such as lactose free milk and yogurt, and hard cheese. Other super foods are tofu and maple syrup. Apparently, there are still plenty of tasty and healthy foods that can be consumed in the FODMAP diet.

IBS Diet Video with FODMAP

Watch this video about the explanation about FODMAP :

How Long for FODMAP Diet to Work

FODMAP diet is usually done within a period of 6-8 weeks. Consultation with a doctor should also be carried out if the treatment of IBS in the house shows no improvement. It needs further treatment because if IBS worsen, IBS can evoke to the symptoms of more serious disease like cancer.

IBS Diet Alternatives

There are also several other similar IBS diets that can be tried by those who suffer this disease. The first is a high-fiber diet. It is simply done by consuming high fiber food as in vegetables and fruits. Best fiber for IBS to consume are vegetables, fruits, and whole grains that can reduce constipation.

1. High Fiber Diet

Just focus on soluble fiber in fruits and vegetable to eliminate bloating as a reaction to the increased fiber in the body. It is called a low fiber diet. It is used when a lot of unhealthy foods intake just like eating food at fast food restaurants.

2. IBS Diet Gluten Free

Gluten free diet can also help to reduce the symptoms of IBS by eating foods with gluten free version. Next, elimination diet is a diet that focuses on reducing one food to reduce the symptoms of IBS.

3. Insoluble Fiber

The recommended foods are nuts, chocolate, coffee, and insoluble fiber food. Cut out the food for about 12 weeks and see the development of IBS symptoms. Do the next food on the list interchangeably.

4. Low Fat

Low fat diet is also useful, especially for those who suffer obesity. Fatty foods such as fried foods and animal fats usually have a low fiber.

5. Therapy and Exercise

So it is better to consume lean meat, low fat milk, fruit, vegetable, and grain. In addition, some efforts also need to be done such as psychological therapy, regular exercise, yoga and meditation to reduce stress levels, and taking supplements including probiotics and other medicine. The most important thing among all is to change the lifestyle to a healthy life.

IBS Symptoms in Women : Signs, Diagnose and Treatment

IBS and Menstruation
What IBS in Women Feels Like

Some syndromes that attack women are not same as syndromes that attack men. For example there is Irritable Bowel Syndrome that the symptoms in women may be different from the symptoms in men. This article will show you about the connection between menstrual cycle of women and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (more…)

What is the Self Confidence Meaning? – As Research Said

Self confidence meaning in socio-psychological concept is related to the self-assurance of someone to his/ her judgment, power, ability, or anything else. There are some connections that build the self-confidence of someone; it belongs to the factors, wheel of wellness and also the implicitly and explicitly performs of the self-confidence.

The Self Confidence Meaning in Dictionary

Based on the Vocabulary.Com, self-confidence meaning comes from the meaning of confidence (feeling of trust to something), so the self-confidence means trusting in own self. People who are self-confident don’t doubt to themselves’ capability. However, it means in positive way without being arrogant, cocky, or overconfident.

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Factors that Determine the Self-Confidence Level

Someone that believes himself/ herself commonly develops their feeling of belief from the how their social network, participation in some activities, as well as anything he/ she hears from others about what he/ she is.

Those who have positive self-esteem, they must have the link factors including healthy condition of psychology, physic, and body image, as well as mattering to others.

Contrarily, lack of self confidence in teenagers has been proven as something that can make them in psychological problems and unhealthy behaviors like unhappy ideation in their life in the future.

Based on some researches, as long as the teenage period, self-confidence meaning of the youths is influenced by the age, ethnicity, race, puberty, body height, health, body image, body weight, participation in the physical activities, gender identity, gender presentation, as well as the discovery or awakening of sexuality.

The self-confidence is in variety and can be noticed in kinds of dimensions. The factors of social and academic condition in someone’s life are something that can affect self-esteem.

Besides, every individual can have different level of self-confidence in different environment, such as while he/ she is in school or at home.

The Theory of The Wheel of Wellness

The theory of The Wheel of Wellness was the first model of wellness theory according to the counseling theory that is related to the self-confidence meaning.

The theoretical model is according to the individual psychology of Adler and the research of cross disciplinary on healthy people characteristics with longer life time and higher life quality.


There are five life tasks in the Wheel of Wellness theory and they are related one each other. The tasks are such as;

  • self-direction,
  • spirituality,
  • work and leisure,
  • love
  • friendship.

Based on the theory, the self-direction areas have 12 subtasks, such as;

  • sense of worth
  • belief on realistic
  • sense of control
  • creativity and problem solving
  • emotional responsiveness and coping
  • sense of humor
  • exercise
  • nutrition
  • stress management
  • self care
  • cultural identity
  • gender identity

Besides, there are also five factors of second-order in the Wheel of Wellness, such as;

  • creative self
  • social self
  • coping self
  • physical self
  • essential self

Those five factors allow the wellness meaning exploration in the total self. To know the self-confidence meaning and have great self-esteem, it is important to focus on strengths identification, resources and positive assets that are connected to every Wellness model component and then you can use the strengths to survive in all challenges gotten during your life.

Implicit Versus Explicit Factors in Self-Confidence Meaning

Implicit means something that is understood or implied even it is not expressed directly. Meanwhile, explicit means something that is clearly and entirely expressed and there is nothing to imply. There is a weak correlation between implicitly and explicitly measured self-esteem.

It makes the two distinctive types of self-esteem that come from the implicit and explicit self-confidence (based on some critics of assumption).

So, a conclusion is gotten that someone will have a different self-esteem that comes unconsciously or he/ she will falsify consciously about what they feel in him / herself.

It has been studied recently that implicit self-esteem doesn’t mainly tap in your unconsciousness, somewhat those people who over report the self-esteem levels of them consciously. A small observation can be done when seeing at lack of self confidence about yourself at some situation.

The other option is that implicit dimension may be evaluating a distinctive conscious self-esteem aspect totally. Inexact self-evaluation is commonly noticed in healthy people. In the extreme, great distinction between the self-perception and actual behavior of someone is a trademark of numerous disorders that have crucial implications for accepting treatment pursuing and agreement.

10 Signs Low Self Esteem in Children That Parents Must Know

Low self esteem in children is a big case experience for parent. For most people, childhood can be psychologically unforgiving. It is during their childhood that they experience their first challenges in all aspects of their life (social, learning, etc.). Children who can pass the challenges with full confidence are likely to be successful people in their future.

Conversely, children who cannot maintain their self-esteem tend to cheat or to give up when they are in odd situation. With lack of self-confidence, they are at risk of losing their mettle and strength in facing all challenges that they will face in their future.

Low self-esteem in children is a serious problem that must be addressed since very early in their life. Parents must be aware of every sign indicating the children have low self-esteem problem.

10 Symptoms and Signs Low Self Esteem In Children

What Are the Signs of Low Self-Esteem in Children?

Children who have low self-esteem problem usually show the following signs.

  1. They tend to blame themselves for being weak and incompetent.
  2. They cannot bear failure and therefore often resort to cheating, lying or making excuses.
  3. They often give up before ever trying.
  4. Their life seems not to be very cheerful and interesting.
  5. Their moods constantly change.
  6. They become more concerned with people’s opinions about them.
  7. Neither praise nor criticism will work for them.
  8. They show poor performance at school.
  9. They don’t have many friends.
  10. They rarely feel proud of their achievements and often believe that everything that they do is wrong.

If your children show any of the psychological and behavioral signs above, you should take their situation seriously and take necessary measures to help them regain their self-esteem.

How to Deal with Low Self-Esteem in Children

If you are aware that your children with low self-esteem problem, the most effective way to help them improve their self-esteem is by empowering them. There is no direct way to fix low self esteem in children.

But there are many tools that you can give to your children to encourage them to improve their own self-esteem. The best of those tools is empowerment. Whenever they fail to do a certain task, for example, inspire them to retry.

Repetitive retrials that end with success will boost their self-confidence significantly. Don’t involve yourself in the practical aspect of the task accomplishment, but if you can, give your children necessary skills to help them finish the task.

If your children are struggling with math, for example, instead of helping them finish their task, teach them to calculate better so that they can do the task on their own.

Support Children With Low Self Esteem

Don’t forget to praise them in a proper way so that they can learn to appreciate themselves. The praise should be real and sincere and not fake because fake praise yields only fake confidence. A praise given to a three-year-old child who can tie his or her shoes will be effective in boosting his or her self-confidence.

But if the same praise is given to an eight-year-old child, it will not be remarkable anymore. The praised low self esteem in children may even think that the praise is fake and not genuine.