10 Signs Low Self Esteem in Children That Parents Must Know

Low self esteem in children is a big case experience for parent. For most people, childhood can be psychologically unforgiving. It is during their childhood that they experience their first challenges in all aspects of their life (social, learning, etc.). Children who can pass the challenges with full confidence are likely to be successful people in their future.

Conversely, children who cannot maintain their self-esteem tend to cheat or to give up when they are in odd situation. With lack of self-confidence, they are at risk of losing their mettle and strength in facing all challenges that they will face in their future.

Low self-esteem in children is a serious problem that must be addressed since very early in their life. Parents must be aware of every sign indicating the children have low self-esteem problem.

10 Symptoms and Signs Low Self Esteem In Children

What Are the Signs of Low Self-Esteem in Children?

Children who have low self-esteem problem usually show the following signs.

  1. They tend to blame themselves for being weak and incompetent.
  2. They cannot bear failure and therefore often resort to cheating, lying or making excuses.
  3. They often give up before ever trying.
  4. Their life seems not to be very cheerful and interesting.
  5. Their moods constantly change.
  6. They become more concerned with people’s opinions about them.
  7. Neither praise nor criticism will work for them.
  8. They show poor performance at school.
  9. They don’t have many friends.
  10. They rarely feel proud of their achievements and often believe that everything that they do is wrong.

If your children show any of the psychological and behavioral signs above, you should take their situation seriously and take necessary measures to help them regain their self-esteem.

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How to Deal with Low Self-Esteem in Children

If you are aware that your children with low self-esteem problem, the most effective way to help them improve their self-esteem is by empowering them. There is no direct way to fix low self esteem in children.

But there are many tools that you can give to your children to encourage them to improve their own self-esteem. The best of those tools is empowerment. Whenever they fail to do a certain task, for example, inspire them to retry.

Repetitive retrials that end with success will boost their self-confidence significantly. Don’t involve yourself in the practical aspect of the task accomplishment, but if you can, give your children necessary skills to help them finish the task.

If your children are struggling with math, for example, instead of helping them finish their task, teach them to calculate better so that they can do the task on their own.

Support Children With Low Self Esteem

Don’t forget to praise them in a proper way so that they can learn to appreciate themselves. The praise should be real and sincere and not fake because fake praise yields only fake confidence. A praise given to a three-year-old child who can tie his or her shoes will be effective in boosting his or her self-confidence.

But if the same praise is given to an eight-year-old child, it will not be remarkable anymore. The praised low self esteem in children may even think that the praise is fake and not genuine.

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