Corneal Edema Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

What is Corneal Edema Symptoms? Corneal edema is just one of the complications observed in those who have undergone corneal transplant or known as corneal edema after cataract surgery. It can also occur as the result of compromised endothelial function due to intraocular inflammation or other causes. Very mild corneal edema may not need any…

Lower Leg Edema – Some Causes and Best Treatment

Sometime we find people who has swollen leg or known as lower leg edema even they are not normally fat. And here we’ll find out what causes legs to swell from knees down. What causes legs and feet to swell? Excessive fluid develop in the body such feet or lower leg is known as edema….

Causes Of Edema In Legs and Best Treatment

Causes of edema in legs is often a question of suffering a lot because of concerns about the seriousness of the disease. What is Edema In Legs Edema in the legs is a swelling that occurs in the legs with a soft texture tends to contain water. When edema is pressed with the fingertip, there…

4 Types of Edema Compression Socks For Getting The Right Treatment

Use of Compression Edema Socks is helpful for those with leg swelling due to fluid buildup or edema. Some elderly often feel pain in the legs when walking and seen a dark swelling on the feet. And below there four types of sock for edema that you can choose for getting the right treatment.