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What Are Black Diarrhea Causes and Difference to the Bloody Diarrhea?

It can be spelled out if diarrhea is a disease of every human. It is because almost everyone has experienced it. However, a person who is still struggling with pacing to the bathroom for more than a week or even two weeks, it is not a common diarrhea then. What and why? It could be black diarrhea causes. Continue reading

How To Get Rid Of Rotten Egg Burps And Diarrhea

how to get rid of rotten egg burps and diarrhea
Diarrhea Smells Like Rotten Eggs
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Rotten Egg Burps And Diarrhea

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Stomach Making Loud Gurgling Noises And Diarrhea

Stomach Making Loud Gurgling Noises And Diarrhea
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Stomach Making Loud Gurgling Noises And Diarrhea

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How Fast Does Pepto Bismol Work For Diarrhea

How does Peptobismol work?
How long does Pepto last in your system?
Why Pepto Bismol is bad?

Some people are using Pepto Bismol to overcome diarrhea. If it is your first time to use Pepto Bismol for diarrhea or for those who want to find a medicine for diarrhea, you should check the information here. Hopefully, it helps you to cure diarrhea safely without any serious side effects. Continue reading

Inside Out of Black Diarrhea in Adults – Where, How, and What to Do

What about diarrhea like black diarrhea in adults? Here are some introductory sentences about this disease. Feces can actually show a person’s health level, especially when it is viewed from the characteristics such as colors. We certainly often see feces with colors other than brown as a normal color. Continue reading

Black Watery Diarrhea – 5 Main Causes and Signs

At least everyone has experienced diarrhea once. Surprised is the usual but the unusual thing is when experiencing black watery diarrhea. The change of color and texture in the stool can be caused by many things. As we know if the normal stool is in brown. On another case, when the food is digested quickly, the stool color looks green. This is due to the bile that does not have time to break down. However, what about black stools?
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Black Stool Diarrhea : Causes and What You Should Do

When you notice that you have black stool diarrhea, internal bleeding may be your very first concern. The black tarry diarrhea could be the sign of bleeding in the upper digestive tract, also often referred to as upper GI (gastrointestinal) bleeding. This means the bleeding that happens in the upper part of small intestine, food pipe, or stomach. With such a bleeding, the blood must travel for at least 25 ft. before showing up in the diarrhea. As it goes down the pipe, blood will turn darker and darker after being digested; hence it comes out eventually as black diarrhea.
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Why Is My Diarrhea Green? What Does Green Diarrhea Mean?

Why is my poop diarrhea green? What causes green diarrhea?
Green poop when diarrhea can make people panic to see something different on the stool when they go to bathroom. There are some questions whether they suffer a serious illness. Here you will find out the green poop explanation about the causes of this condition.
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How to Stop Diarrhea? : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Diarrhea is a dangerous disease number two in the world especially against children that result in death. Every year almost certainly billions of people have suffered from diarrhea. How to stop diarrhea can be done in a simple, but a chronic one condition requires serious treatment. And here we will learn what to take for diarrhea when we or other people suffer this disease.
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