Bleeding Hemorrhoids Foods To Avoid by Sufferers

Hemorrhoid is surely torturing. Even though this disease is not really serious disease, hemorrhoid can disturb your daily activity since it is painful, sore, and itchy. Hemorrhoid is caused by some factors, such as sitting for a long time and a bad dietary habit.

Diet For Bleeding Hemorrhoids Sufferers

bleeding hemorrhoids foods to avoid

This disease can also be suffered by pregnant women. In severe cases, hemorrhoid sufferers can experience bleeding. So, in order to prevent the disease from getting worse, you must know these bleeding hemorrhoids foods to avoid.


For a cheese lover, they must avoid consuming cheese until the hemorrhoid is totally healed. Even though this food ingredient can make meals taste more savory and more delicious, cheese does not contain enough fiber.

On the other hand, hemorrhoid sufferers should consume enough fiber to make the digestive system works well. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, cheese is included in 8 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids.


The next unrecommended food to avoid bleeding hemorrhoid is chips. Chips are dried and lack of fibers.

This is why people who are suffering from hemorrhoid or piles are not suggested to consume too many chips in order to prevent the disease from getting even worse.

Spicy Foods

Avoiding or at least limiting the consumption of spicy foods is important for hemorrhoid sufferers. For your information, spicy foods are able to irritate the stomach and blood vessels around the anus so that swelling occurs.

The condition then can trigger hemorrhoid or even make the disease even more severe by bleeding. Moreover, spicy foods are also able to worsen digestive problems.

Fatty Foods

Fatty foods and fried foods are able to make the digestive system works harder. It takes a longer time for the digestive system to digest fatty foods.

Because those foods cannot be digested well by the digestive system, this condition is capable of making hemorrhoid or piles more severe. This is why fatty foods put a person at a higher risk to get hemorrhoid and stomach ache.

Instead of frying the foods, it will be better for hemorrhoid sufferers to boil or steam the foods. For example, consume steamed eggs instead of fried eggs or scrambled eggs. Moreover, choose low-fat milk to drink and reduce the use of cooking oil and butter.

Those are the foods that can cause bleeding hemorrhoid. In order to heal the disease, you should not take those into your diet for hemorrhoid sufferers. And do not forget to change your dietary habit into the healthier one.

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