How Many Pounds Overweight is Obese? The Big Difference between Overweight and Obesity

Many people sometimes misunderstand that there are actually difference in being obese and overweight. This leads to the question of how many pounds overweight is obese? Are you a little over your healthy weight or fast-approaching obesity? These questions can certainly be answered by knowing the difference between overweight and obese as well as the reasons for obesity and in the end you would be able to quantify more of how many pounds overweight make you obese. Continue reading

Food Deserts and Obesity – Are They Related?

Most people would think that food deserts are actually deserts served after the main course especially when it is related to food deserts and obesity. In truth, food deserts are not related to deserts in any ways. In fact, food deserts are geographic areas where access to healthy foods is very limited. Why are food deserts a problem? Continue reading

Recovery Time For Hemorrhoid Surgery – Post Internal External Piles Operation

Hemorrhoid Surgery Recovery Time. If someone is given the option to do a piles surgery, of course they will have question “how long does it take to recover from hemorrhoid surgery”. On of most medical frequently ask questioned in forum and need some tips in facing the treatment. Since surgery is a medical treatment that requires time to recover, it is important to know for every patient, so that they are mentally and financially ready. Continue reading

How Long Does A Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Take To Go Away?

How Long Does A Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Take To Go Away?
How to shrink a thrombosed external hemorrhoid?
How long does a thrombosed hemorrhoid go away on its own?

There are other similar questions that asked by those who suffer this kind of piles. Here we will tell you how to make it disappeared.
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