Should I Go To The Doctor For A Hemorrhoid? Yes If These Happened

Those who suffer from hemorrhoids are of course always asking, “should I go to the doctor for a hemorrhoid?” A question that looks simple, but requires an answer to convince whether the external hemorrhoids treatment requires the handling of hemorrhoid doctor specialist. Here’s the review

Why Hemorrhoids Need Serious Treatment

Should I Go To The Doctor For A Hemorrhoid

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Hemorrhoids caused due to venous swelling of the veins around the rectum. Normally, blood vessels and muscles around the rectum are helpful in controlling bowel movements.

However, if the vein around the anus and the lower rectum is inflamed, then there is what is called a hemorrhoid or piles. Hemorrhoids themselves can be formed internally and externally by location.

Not all people with hemorrhoids, have problems with the disease. They are not too disturbed by the condition of hemorrhoids they have because it is still in the low stadium.

But many also have a hemorrhoids feel disturbed by the disease due to pain caused, itching, inflammation, lumps in the anus, even bleeding. If these happen to you, then you need to know how to relieve pain caused of hemorrhoid and other treatment.

Internal hemorrhoids that are not handled properly can cause bleeding, whereas external hemorrhoids can lead to a blood clot known as thrombosed hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids can be handled in various ways. You can find out on how to shrink swollen hemorrhoids fast at home.

How to treat hemorrhoids at home using home remedies and natural ingredients into a way that is often relied upon. Even some traditional home remedies are used as a way of stopping hemorrhoids from bleeding. Among the handling of hemorrhoids with home remedy such as:

  • Tea Tree Oil, group or essential oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Witch Hazel
  • Epsom Salt

Some hemorrhoids that can be purchased at pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription can help overcome the disease. Some people with hemorrhoids successfully recover with home remedies quickly. But there are also not cured at all and require more serious treatment by the hemorrhoid specialist.

When Should I Go To the Doctor For a Hemorrhoid

You need to go to a hemorrhoid doctor near you to treat it if the following severe piles that can be known if they occur (Harvard edu):

  • If the hemorrhoids make you uncomfortable and more painful
  • If internal or external hemorrhoid bleeding
  • A lump on the anus
  • Severe pain in the rectum
  • If alternative treatments, over-the-counter (otc) for hemorrhoid, cream, sitz bath, essential oils do not show a positive effect.
  • If the stool looks reddish which is the presence of blood.

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By having those point above you know why and when should you go to the doctor for a hemorrhoid.

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