10+2 Signs of Low Self Esteem And Depression You Must Aware (Infographic)

The common signs of low self esteem need to be figured out as soon as possible because having a low self esteem can lead to many disastrous problems. Low self esteem is often categorized as social disorder because people with low self esteem tend to have a poor self image and have almost no self confidence at all.


However, people with low self esteem are often mistaken as child abusers, narcissists, bullies, and criminals. No, they are not people with low self esteem.

People with low self esteem have no power to treat someone else badly. They can only treat themselves badly, not someone else. If the case of low self esteem symptoms are not treated carefully, people low self esteem can really feel worthless and often they end up committing suicide.

Understanding of What Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is a kind of people psychology behavior where they do not have such a good perception about themselves. Feeling of as minority, weak and other belief lead them to do a bad habit of social activities.

This kind of disorder needs a serious attention and right treatment to make them have a positive mental attitude about themselves.

12 Symptoms and Signs Of Low Self Esteem

Below are 12 signs of low self esteem case. If you experience any of them or you know your friend or family who has any of those signs, go seek some help.

sign low self esteem

Infographic : 12 symptoms and signs of low self esteem

  • Always Thinking Negatively
    People with low self esteem usually think negatively instead of thinking positively. They seem to have no willingness to see anything from the bright side. In most cases, this sign is triggered by their reluctant attitude that they do something good about their lives. This sign is quite obvious to see that someone is having a low self esteem.
  • They Cannot be Fair to Themselves
    People with low self esteem cannot treat themselves fairly. They often think that they do not deserve to be fairly treated because they are not worth it. What makes the case even worse is the fact that those people with low self esteem do not even want to try to adjust their situation with their surroundings. They just feel that they do not belong there and they do not deserve to be treated equally with other people.
  • Anxiety
    It is clear that people with low self esteem have anxiety problem. They just feel worry all the time. Being in a crowded place with new people around them will make them scared and uncomfortable. This anxiety problem is categorized as mental disorder and it needs to be treated properly as soon as possible before everything gets worse eventually.
  • Eating Disorders
    Have eating disorder as well is one of signs of low self esteem you must take care. Usually, it happens for those who have low self esteem because they are not confident about the way they look physically. They may feel that they are too fat, too skinny, too imperfect, and many more. As the result, eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa can happen to them. Most eating disorders are dangerous and life-threatening. Thus, if you experience this eating disorder sign, go get some help immediately.
  • Exaggerated Concern about What Other People Think
    A strong signs of low self esteem is usually do not believe in themselves but they believe in what other people say instead. It also happens to the case that they over think about what other people say about them. It is quite usual today that people talk badly about other people. However, if you talk badly about someone who has low self esteem, things can get catastrophic.
  • Have No Expectation about Life
    Life and the future should be filled with joy and hopes. However, this kind of thing does not happen to people with low self esteem. They are literally giving up about life and have no expectation about what may happen. They are not exciting about their lives and always think that nothing good will ever happen.
  • Unable to Accept Compliments
    People with low self esteem are used to live in a shadow of “inability”. The word “CAN’T” become their main vocabulary. They always think that they can’t do this and they can’t do that. By the time they actually managed to do something and other people compliment them, it will be very hard for them to accept the compliments. Again, they feel that they do not deserve the compliments.
  • Lack of Social Skills
    One signs of low self esteem is usually lack of social skills. They do not like social gathering such as parties and meetings. They do not even like to be in public places because when they are in public places, they must make social interaction and they do not know how to do that. They do not easily make friends and they are very quiet and alienate themselves when they must be in a public place.
  • Depression
    It is quite obvious that social disorder such as low self esteem can lead to depression. People with low self esteem do not make friends easily and they do not even feel comfortable around other people. Thus, they will end up with no one to talk to and they keep everything inside their head without having any chances to speak about it. As the result, they will feel depressed because the entire burdens are on their shoulders without anyone else to help them get through with it.
  • They Do Not Like Challenges
    For some people, challenges are fun because with challenges they can measure their capabilities and probably experience something new. For people with low self esteem, challenges are big no. They do not love taking opportunities to do something new and something challenging. Basically, they do not have the faith to believe in themselves that they can do it.
  • They Do Not Trust Their Own Opinion
    People with low self esteem often feel that anything that they think or say is not making any sense. Thus, they often do not trust their own opinion. They rather to have other people tell them what to think or what to do because they think their opinion is worthless.
  • They are Hard on Themselves
    People who live with low self esteem usually give themselves a hard time almost all the time. They treat themselves badly because they are disappointed of their own condition. When they hate themselves so much, horrible things such as cutting and self-harm can happen easily. Eventually, committing suicide can be their ultimate option. This is one of the most dangerous signs of low self esteem and people need to take action to prevent this.

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