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Runner’s Diarrhea : What Causes, How to Prevent and Treatment

Distance runners are often affected by a condition referred as Runner’s diarrhea. This is a situation often characterized by the urge for a bowel movement while the runners are running, during or after race. Or some situation marathon runner’s diarrhea after running that comes with cramp also.  Even so, whether the stool is considered diarrhea or ischemic enteropathy is still under debate. Continue reading

Why Is My Diarrhea Black? Essential Things to Know about

Amidst various conditions related to human body and health is the one known as black diarrhea in which it is really important to find out the reasons behind why is my diarrhea black. In order to be able to figure out the cause of this condition, considering the actual color as well as consistency of the stool is crucial.
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What Are Black Diarrhea Causes and Difference to the Bloody Diarrhea?

It can be spelled out if diarrhea is a disease of every human. It is because almost everyone has experienced it. However, a person who is still struggling with pacing to the bathroom for more than a week or even two weeks, it is not a common diarrhea then. What and why? It could be black diarrhea causes. Continue reading