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Sulfur Burps and Watery Diarrhea: Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, and Home Remedies

While it is true that burping is normal, it becomes abnormal if it smells like rotten eggs or sulfur. This condition is also often followed with diarrhea, which is often referred to as sulfur burps and watery diarrhea. There are various factors that become the sulfur burps and diarrhea causes. And to treat this condition, you can try sulfur burps and diarrhea medicine as well as home remedies. As for today, we will provide you all the important information about this condition, including what you can do for sulfur burps care. Continue reading

Black Stool Diarrhea : Causes and What You Should Do

When you notice that you have black stool diarrhea, internal bleeding may be your very first concern. The black tarry diarrhea could be the sign of bleeding in the upper digestive tract, also often referred to as upper GI (gastrointestinal) bleeding. This means the bleeding that happens in the upper part of small intestine, food pipe, or stomach. With such a bleeding, the blood must travel for at least 25 ft. before showing up in the diarrhea. As it goes down the pipe, blood will turn darker and darker after being digested; hence it comes out eventually as black diarrhea.
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