Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoids : Natural Treatment Works Like Magic

Tea tree oil for hemorrhoids become a popular treatment today. As medicine treatments contain side effects, alternative solution like tea tree oil is the right choice. Even, doctors may recommend tea tree oil to cure hemorrhoids. It is about 50% of people who have 50 ages have internal and external hemorrhoids.

But they don’t realize if it can be a serious problem to their health. Because there are a lot of people who suffer this disease still asking how long can hemorrhoids last. You must know that without treatment, your hemorrhoid can be worse.

Tea tree oil is considered as the best natural treatment for curing hemorrhoids. When you are trying to find what to do to get rid of hemorrhoids, here is your information.

Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoids for Curing Piles Symptom

What are Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are varicose vein that you can find specifically on above your anal and lower rectum. Known also as piles, may occur swelling inside anus and it can be pushed outward the anus.

there are two type of hemorrhoids. If the pile is seen outside it calls as external hemorrhoids, and if inside anus, it calls as internal hemorrhoid

The symptom of hemorrhoids that you ca feel and look are swelling, inflamed, bleeding, pain, itching, burning.

People on older age are common to get hemorrhoids and they need to take attention with what they eat, daily activities that can trigger hemorrhoid.

Women on pregnancy also common to get this problem, and they need to wait until give birth to heal it.

There are some reasons the cause of hemorrhoids, straining during bowel movement, constipation, lack of fiber food in your daily diet, and some other.

Those factors also aggravate the disease if you don’t change your lifestyle. Some other activities you should avoid in order to prevent your hemorrhoid worse : long standing or sitting, less drink a day, tight trouser.

What Is Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil works as anti-inflammatory agent. It can be applied on the hemorrhoid. This essential oil for hemorrhoid works amazingly. At the first drop it can give you a positive impact due to the pureness of the oil.

If you have a question, does tea tree oil get rid the hemorrhoid, then the answer is yes. Many herbalists including doctors will recommend you using this alternative solution rather than surgery that can hurt you so much.

Since tea tree oil is very effective, then why you want to spend more money for surgery?

The natural oils of tea tree extract is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. Plants with small size are collected in the form of bushes and live in sandy media and is a natural plant in the northeast coast of Australia.

This plant is an effective natural remedy to overcome microbes, fungi, bacteria and viruses or other infectious agents, including Candida. On the treatment of hemorrhoids, bacteria intruding on the location of the disease, may soon die. And hemorrhoids can avoid the infection persists.

Beside hemorrhoids, there are some disease that can be treated using tea tree oil such as chickenpox, psoriasis, head lice, earaches, cold sores, acne, etc.

As alternative of natural cures for hemorrhoids you can use apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, aloe vera, applying sitzh bath, and epsom salt to relieve hemorrhoid pain.

Since When was Tea Tree Oil Used For Medical and Hemorrhoids?

In 1920’s as well as 1930’s, Arthur Penfold, a researcher, published the benefit of tea tree oil for the first time.

Based on his chemical testing, he said that tea tree oil has eleven times better and more powerful compared with chemical phenol or the first antiseptic that is used in surgery.

Then, tea tree oil becomes popular as it is manufactured in a big scale. Tea tree oil for hemorrhoids are also considered based on the research of tea tree oil. It is like that tea tree oil is just like a magic to cure hemorrhoids.

What Benefit to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoids?

There are 3 reasons why you need to take tea tree oil for hemorrhoids. See the good things of this natural home remedy below :

  1. Tea tree oil can reduce the inflammation that is caused by hemorrhoids. Tea tree oil is best known for the anti-inflammatory effects. It will ease the inflamed capillaries as well as tissues.
  2. It can alleviate the stinging, burning including itching discomfort because of hemorrhoids. You know, when hemorrhoids inflamed, and then it will be really delicate. It can be very responsive even with a very simple touch.
  3. Good reason to use tea tree oil directly on hemorrhoids is because tree oil can heal the rupture that is caused by hemorrhoids. Tea tree oil can stop the bleeding. You know, bleeding that come from hemorrhoids can cause anemia. Tea tree oil can work magically in reducing as well as curing hemorrhoids.
  4. As a remedy to overcome hemorrhoids, tea tree oil works extremely well as a pain reliever and prevention of complications of hemorrhoids.

There are many benefits of using tea tree oil to cure hemorrhoids. It will cure magically and it is much better than you spend your money to surgery.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Healing Hemorrhoid?

There are several ways to use tea tree oil for hemorrhoids :

  1. You can use it with topical application. You can use delicate fabric then drop the oil on it for 2 or 3 then apply it on the affected portion. Second, you can use tea oil for sitz bath. If you take sitz bath daily, then it can reduce the pain. It will facilitate a recovery process. You can add 8 drops of tea oil and mix it with warm bath water. It can soothe you.
  2. Another method to use tea tree oil recipe for hemorrhoids is by massage. For this, you need to mix the following oils. It is 40 drops of tea tree oil, 3 drops of chamomile oil, 4 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of geranium oil. Mix them all. Massage about 2 to 3 drops of this blend. You can use it 3 times a day. Those are about the tips to use tea tree oil to treat hemorrhoids to shrink your piles.

The use of tea tree oil to treat hemorrhoids can be combined with other natural materials in order to obtain maximum treatment. Some ingredients natural cure for hemorrhoids that can be mixed is witch hazel, glycerin, coconut oil, lavender oil.

Tea Tree Oil Suppositories

Internal hemorrhoid treatment will be more effective when directly on the site of the disease, and it is best to administer drugs through the anus.

Hemorrhoid treatment with herbal ingredients have been common, even a herbal medicine already sold in the market or known as over-the-counter hemorrhoid remedy and practical use.

But now you can make your own homemade tea tree oil suppositories. And below the direction you can follow. But it is recommended to see a doctor and consult what everything that happens to your body.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil suppositories for hemorrhoids?

Just follow how to make suppositories with tea tree oil for treating hemorrhoid :

  • It needs to melt 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. You can do that by using microwave in 20 second time or keeping the coconut oil jar into a hot water.
  • Add for about 5 drop of tea tree oil into he melted coconut oil. Stir it well.
  • Put the mixture above into a mold that usually use for yeast treatment. Or you can put into a your own creation tool (plastic). Then you can push the mixture into your anus
  • Place the mixture into the freezer before for about minute until 2 hours before using it
  • Then you can push the mixture into your anus

Insert the the tea tree oil home remedy for once or twice a day. It is better to use in at night when you are going to sleep, because horizontal or lying position is a better position in preventing the oil suppository out on its own.

Tea Tree Oil Side Effect

Although tea tree oil has very good efficacy in treating hemorrhoids, but you must know the side effects of this essential oil ingredients. Tea tree essential oil contains a substance which is toxic when through the digestive tract.

For those who has sensitive skin should take car of this natural medication. Keep it away from your eyes, internal nose skin, open scar because your skin will feel like burning if it is touched the the area or applying to much.

Applying tea tree oils only at concentration for about 5% to 10%, because it is safe for skin and don’t trigger allergies. The more concentration used in your skin can cause dermatitis reactions as reported before.

Some consequence when tea tree oil is ingested and enter the intestine or digestive tract:

  1. hallucinations
  2. confused
  3. throw up
  4. stomach ache
  5. diarrhea
  6. sleepy
  7. damage to blood cells

There is only way you should do so as this natural treatment to hemorrhoids not leave a bad effect on you : do not use tea tree oil for hemorrhoids orally or through the mouth. Keep the oil out of the reach small children, animal. Write a notification on the bottle clearly to prevent it to be ingested by those who doesn’t know the oil.

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