What is Self Esteem And Why Is It Important?

In the modern world, self-esteem is one aspect that is very important in life. As well as food which is good for building body physically, self-esteem is also very essential to establish a person’s psychological and mental health to achieve success in life. Here’s the explanation about sign of self esteem and depression, how it is developed and how to improve it.


What is Self Esteem?

The definition of self esteem is a perspective on how high the value he has in social relationship. That is actually about the emotional evaluation of a person subjectively about her or his own worth.

The values intended is a subjective figure that became the benchmark in assessing themselves against others. In brief, it can be said that it is such the judgement toward his or her competency, capability, significance, and many more.

That is commonly express through her or his attitude toward them. Another word for self esteem means how we respect ourselves as like on achieving something, appreciating or respecting the relationship between you and your friends, family, and even the society.

Although self-esteem does not look real, but its presence can be felt mainly by people outside of us. That is because certain people do not feel experienced any problems in terms of self-assessment, they find themselves in a state of normal.

Hence why judgments about self-esteem often expressed by those outside of us than by ourselves. Prestige is one of the factors why someone reluctant to judge himself.

In social life, people know there are 3 types of self esteem, those are : Low, High and no self-esteem.

What Does Self Concept Mean?

In certain circumstances an individual has their own understanding of the meaning of self esteem. One’s assessment against himself becomes a life concept that will give an idea in their mind of how their lives in the social sphere, that is know as the meaning of self concept.

If that concept is applied in the social life and social skills, then the person will understand how the value of themselves in society, that is the definition of self-worth.

Relationship Self Image vs Self Esteem

What is self Image? Self- esteem can also be said as the image which you keep in your mind about yourself. That is like the mental image which shows who you are.

That is about the mental image branding regarding who you are which will affect much to your own attitude and how you play your role to your society, family, and friends.

It is a kind of depiction of a person to understand the values and concepts of life that is followed. And it will determine how the person in putting himself in a social environment.

When someone describes himself as weak among the social community, then it will tend to withdraw himself from social relationships than to get involved.

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That will also affect to how you fulfill your duties and reach anything in your life. That is why as we have mentioned above that self-esteem plays a great role in the life.

Self Esteem Synonym

And below there are some other elements that build self-esteem meaning which affect much to your life and your attitude.

  1. Self-acceptance, which means you accept yourself as it comes by accepting the plus and minus of yourself.
  2. Satisfaction as a person, which means you realize that everyone has the plus and minus. That is including the unique sides of the person. When you know and understand about that you will feel satisfied to what you are actually so that you will also feel more blessed.
  3. Self Confidence, that means you realized that you have a great potency for being happy and successful. That will be able to do if you can find it from yourself. When you can find your potency, you will have your own self confidence as well.
  4. Self-respect, you can respect yourself with anything as it comes since as we have said before anybody has her or his own plus and minus. That becomes her or his uniqueness.
  5. Self Concept, explained above.
  6. Self Worth, explained above.
  7. Self Image, explained above.
  8. Self Value, explained above.

Those are totally the essential parts which will represent the self-esteem. That is also a good thing which results the good self-esteem.

Why Is Self Esteem Important and How Does It Affect Your Life?


Although self esteem does not look physically, but psychologically it turned out to be a big influence on a person’s life. Self-esteem will actually affect much to the various aspects in the life.

That will affect much to anything which we might do and of course what we might achieve in the future. It is not something hard to deal with if we completely know what self-esteem is actually and how importance it is actually.

Self-esteem is closely related to mental health. Therefore, your self esteem will affect your psychology.

The more healthy you are mentally and psychologically, the higher the assessment of others towards you and they will increasingly accept and respect you.Acceptance is the basic human needs in social life. And you should have a a good life concept to be accepted in your environment.

But if you have low self-esteem, then it will disturb the balance in dealing with others because of your tendency to be passive in sociable. As social beings, humans must have expertise in terms of social interaction. Because with such expertise, then we can achieve the dream that we envisioned. Moreover, when we want to achieve success in life both careers and households.

When and How is Self Esteem Built?


The self-esteem building is commonly formed or shaped from when we are kids. Anything which you experienced when you are kids, including the words which you get when you are kids, what you experienced in the past including the bad and good ones, the acceptance and feedback of your existence around you, and also the success and failure which you experienced.

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Those things are kept on your subconscious mind. The memory becomes the conclusion toward ‘who you are’ so that commonly you will behave and act based on the conclusion about who you are or who you believe you are. That becomes really essential to form yourself to be the good one, the bad one, the success one, or something else.

One of the example, when you are often getting the negative speech from others, as like you are said to be stupid, ugly, would not be success, you are poor, then you will indirectly accept it and believe that it is the true you. Then, as the result you might possibly become the inferior person. Then, as the result it will build the improper or low self-esteem.

What are the Factors which Affect Self Esteem

Based on the experts (Coopersmith ‘67), there are some possible factors which will affect self-esteem.

  1. The first is respect and acceptance from the significant people around. The self-esteem is affected by the people around you who play a significant role, as like your family. Family becomes the significant social life which affects much to one’s life since it is the first environment where someone is interacting with.
  2. Then the second factor which affects the self-esteem is about the success and social class. The social class can be from the career, income, and even where you live. People who have such the great carer, income, and also good place to stay or live in will also think that they are more than others. That might be caused by the other’s treatment to them as well.
  3. The third is about the value and also inspiration of you in interpreting the experiences. That is not in direct but it will also be based on how the individual interpret it.
  4. The fourth factor which will affect to the one’s self-esteem is about how you face the devaluation. Everyone can try to minimize the threats of the negative evaluation which comes from others but it will be different from one to another.

If the above factors are negative on yourself, then it can be a cause of low self esteem in yourself. The best ability you have in facing the important factors above, it can build high self-esteem and is essential in building success in your life. That’s all about what is self esteem and why is it important for your life.

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