10 Grab And Go Breakfast Ideas For Work That Healthy and Packable

Having homemade quick grab and go breakfast ideas for work is a good thing to do for busy workers. Since breakfast becomes a rare thing to do casually, doing a simple thing such as quick breakfast ideas. But because the morning menu is still considered important to support activities while working, you can try healthy breakfast on the go.

Having a healthy breakfast meal is very good for your life because there is a correlation between eating habits and mental health. If you have a small amount of time for breakfast, then you should consider making these a grab-and-go quick high protein breakfast menu from the following recipe. You don’t need a lot of time to have your healthy breakfast menu ready.

Quick Grab And Go Breakfast Ideas For Work Recipes

10 Grab And Go Breakfast Ideas For Work That Healthy and Packable

The following easy grab and go packable breakfast recipes can not only be made easily but also in a relatively fast time. At least about 10 minutes or less is needed to make it. There are Easy Breakfast Ideas On The Go for your family members who will go to work or school. For ingredients, some are ready-to-eat food items, pre-packaged, and combined into a healthy breakfast.

Fast Waffle Breakfast Recipe

Fast Waffle Breakfast Recipe

If you are bored of the breakfast menu with eggs and meat, these quick breakfast ideas can be made to refresh your morning. With the main menu in the form of waffles combined with strawberries, of course, you can feel the freshness of the fruit. Plus other ingredients that you can see from the list of how to make waffle breakfast that you can read for yourself.

Even more important, this grab-and-go breakfast recipe provides very adequate calories to start your morning to be more energized.


Sausage Fast Breakfast and Go

Sausage Fas Breakfast and Go

If you want a low carb breakfast to be the perfect meal for your morning, then this Good Breakfast Ideas With Little Ingredients menu is perfect for you. Even this quick breakfast recipe is indeed aimed at keto-friendly breakfast.

In addition to the low carbohydrates in this breakfast, you will get a large amount of protein from this healthy breakfast food which is of course very useful for your body especially for your morning.

This make-ahead breakfast to go is not made impromptu from the initial ingredients but as a meal-prep. Where you make it at night or the previous time, then freeze it in the refrigerator, at breakfast time, you only need to heat it up for a short time.

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Quick Cheese Breakfast For Work

fast cheese breakfast roll

This one menu with basic ingredients in the form of cheese. Of course, almost all families like cheese at breakfast, even lunch, and dinner.

However, this breakfast is required to cook ahead of preparation and then the food can be heated in a short time as a quick breakfast menu on the go.

This breakfast snacks for meetings is very interesting in both its shape and size, I’m sure the taste of these healthy snacks is very delicious because of the cheese and some other ingredients. The ingredients used are also not much, the total cooking time is around 30 minutes in preparation.


Feeling Full Sandwich Breakfast For Work

Feeling Full Sandiwth Breakfast For Work

Still a packaged breakfast ideas menu that can be prepared quickly for work with cheese ingredients. But this time the cheese is combined with the sandwich. Hmm, it feels like a normal breakfast menu like this.

It turns out that this breakfast makes a difference if you look at the recipes that are prepared.

Where this sandwich is not the usual, but in the form of croissants with filling that can make you full until noon.

The most special thing is the ingredients used contain high nutrition with high protein content which is needed for activities and growth. It is another heart-healthy breakfast on the go you can make at home.

Just 30 minutes enough to prepare this menu for breakfast when leaving for work. And you can have it as healthy breakfast snacks on the go.


low Carb Breakfast On the Go

low Card Breakfast On the Go

Low-carb menus are increasingly popular because more and more people are aware of the importance of maintaining health through a healthy menu.

If you are one of those who need a low-carb breakfast menu but always in a hurry when leaving for work, then you should try this recipe.

The most important thing from this menu is the presence of blueberries which are fruits with very low carbohydrate content.

Other ingredients you can read later on the recipe link. The time needed to make breakfast keto for work is only 20 minutes. Of course, the time is very short but getting a healthy breakfast.


Healthy Keto Blueberry Breakfast Muffin Recipe

Quick Blueberry For Morning Meal

Maybe this is a quick breakfast recipe that is rarely done in homes, especially when time is limited to go to the office or workplace.

Blueberries will be made in the form of muffins which are very simple to make, fast and even the ingredients are also small.

With a shape that can be grasped, repacked, this menu is perfect for those of you who go to work and don’t have time to eat breakfast at home.

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Grab Ricotta Breakfast on The Go

Grab Ricotta Breakfast on The Go

Another breakfast menu that looks very delicious and full of protein. This time using Ricotta and cup containers can be eaten. How to make this breakfast menu is actually no different from a sandwich, but you add a slightly different ingredient and form that is easy to carry and pack.

As a sweetener and flavor enhancer pepper and garlic are added which certainly adds to the deliciousness.


Gluten-Free Breakfast On The Go

Gluten Free Breakfast On The Go

This time the fast breakfast menu is really rich in essential nutrients, especially vitamins, protein. However, these low-carb foods are suitable for those of you who are happy with the Keto diet and are gluten-free.

With a total cooking time of around 40 minutes, you can have a large size breakfast menu that can be packaged to go to work or children to school.

Just looking at how it looks, this food is very creamy and certainly tasty. It will make you excited about starting the morning, especially on Mondays that people often don’t like.


Fast Paleo Breakfast Grab And Go

Fast Paleo Breakfast Grab And Go

This is another packaged breakfast ideas you should try. If you are on a paleo diet program and need a morning diet with lean meat, fishy, seeds or nut, then you need to be able to consume these simple breakfast recipes with bread.

By cooking using this instant pot, the time needed to make it is very short. The total time required is not more than 20 minutes. Only in a short time, then you will get a complete meal that is rich in flavor because of the diverse mixture of herbs.

Most importantly, you can quickly pack the food in a size suitable for consumption when time is limited to go to work.


Healthy Simple Morning Meal With Potato Sweet

Healthy Simple Morning Meal With Potato Sweet

Making a healthy menu for morning food does not have to be expensive, difficult to find and made for a long time. This time, the menu you can make is to use sweet potatoes combined with eggs plus a sprinkling of seasoning on the topping. You only need about 15 minutes until breakfast is ready to eat.

You can consume the menu before leaving for work or take it as breakfast at the office. With a simple shape and size, this food is easy to pack or put in a food bag.


Those all grab and go breakfast ideas for work that you can make at home. You can make your own combination of different ingredients following the recipe above, according to your preference.

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    Thank you , I will try the Paleo, blueberry muffins and fast waffles. They are good options for a busy and tiring morning.


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