5 Foods That Can Make Negative Affective States You Should Avoid

A bad mood can affect the body’s metabolism and one’s appetite. Only certain types of foods that have a pleasant taste on the tongue can be foods that affect your mood negatively, especially when someone is under stress.

Foods that have a strong taste are usually preferred by someone when his mood worsens. Foods that include sweet or salty foods. But you know, when the mood is not good, there are some sweet and salty foods that should not be eaten.

5 Foods That Affect Your Mood Negatively

For balancing, eating mood-boosting foods for depression is useful for you. There are some kinds of foods that improve mood and happiness and prevent a bad mood.

Fatty dishes

Fatty dishes like cheese, instant noodles, and snacks are not recommended for consumption during stress.

Even though it tastes delicious, fatty foods are not very good for your body. Venting disappointment and sadness by eating fatty foods will not help you become a happier person.

On the contrary, being foods that affect your mood negatively, even you can be more stressed when knowing your weight gain.


Who is not tempted by this one food? Donuts are foods that are easy to find, have good taste and are definitely sweet.

But did you know? donuts are foods that can increase anxiety in you when stressed. High fiber from donuts can slow digestion. While glucose in donuts can trigger an increase in stress hormones.

Potato chips

The savory and distinctive taste of potato chips certainly makes one’s tongue and mood better. But this can not last long. High carbohydrates from potato chips will trigger the body to become fat easily.

Not only that, when a person’s hormones are unstable due to stress, fat in potato chips is allegedly not very good for health.

If it’s like that, potato chips eventually become foods that affect your mood negatively, especially physically.

Cereals and Ice cream

Cereals are widely relied upon as a breakfast menu that is predicted can provide energy and effectively save time. But instead of energy, cereals actually contain high sugar but rapidly decreases in blood sugar.

When blood sugar levels drop below normal, stress hormones are released and can change the mood. Besides, who doesn’t like ice cream?

In addition to soothing, ice cream can provide a soothing sensation for those who consume it.

However, high levels of glucose and fat in ice cream is allegedly not very good for the health of someone who is under stress. For sensitive bodies, ice cream can actually worsen moods and increase anxiety.

Fast food

Fatty acids in fast food are often linked to the effects of depression so that at certain times it becomes foods that affect your mood negatively.

Especially french fries that contain a lot of trans fat that disturbs the balance of omega-3s in the body.

Research from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center shows that low levels of fatty acids are associated with emotions, depression, and pessimism.

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