List of 5 OTC for Arthritis Medicines And How Effective They Are

Here are over the counter arthritis pain meds that have a good effect on the illness. You can read how effective this medicine.

Arthritis has attacked millions of people. It caused pain and inflammation in the joints, bones, and muscles.

This also makes people become less active because they often feel the joints are stiff and difficult to move.

Otc Arthritis Meds or referred to as over the counter arthritis meds becomes the most common option that can be suited also to types of arthritis and pain symptoms.

5 Types of OTC Arthritis Meds And How Effective They Are

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5 Types of OTC Arthritis Meds

Even the arthritis med has some of the most popular options and well-chosen by people. So here is best otc for arthritis inflammations which are divided into several categories.

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1. Exercise

This becomes the best medicine that can be applied to any type of arthritis. According to Jo Cumming, helpline manager of charity Arthritis Care, exercise cannot be done randomly, it takes the right advice.

Moreover, do not overdo it too because people with arthritis usually have fragile joints. Gentle exercises are the most appropriate e.g. Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga.

To get the best recommendations, it is advisable to meet the physiotherapist.

2. Painkillers

Paracetamol becomes a drug that is often used although this may not be effective for some people.

People can take around 500 mg of paracetamol per day to help reduce arthritis pain. However, for more doses, then people should discuss it first with the doctor.

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3. Anti-Inflammatory

It is effective to use a low dose of ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory. Ibuprofen is a member of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) category of pain medication.

The NSAIDs work to reduce pain by interfering with inflammatory chemicals. NSAIDs will help reduce swelling around the joints and treatment for osteoarthritis.

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However, these drugs have side effects, for example, stomach upsets like burning and bloating.

Because it is available with non-prescription, many people use it. Be sure to not consume this in combination with prescribed medication.

Moreover, discuss also with GP if you want to use this on a regular basis.

4. Creams and Gels

There are voltarol emulgel, Nurofen gel, capsaicin gels, Transvasin, and Algesal cream as anti-inflammatory cream and gel.

The voltarol and Nurofen should be applied every day while the capsaicin takes effect within a week and can only be obtained by prescription.

The cream and gel will provide a burning sensation that helps reduce pain. As short-term relief, it is good to consider.

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In addition, transvasin and algesal cream also provide heat sensation where they will give effect for smaller joint pain like in hand, elbow, knee, and shoulder.

5. Hot and Cold Treatment

Heat patches become one of the other weapons to reduce pain. The sensation of heat is also sometimes effective.

We often see people with back pain using it. For the cold one, there is a cold spray that can be found in high street stores.

Although it does not last long as the way patches do, it can be a great option both for reducing pain and inflammation. It is worth to try.

Using a heated pack in the microwave or peas from the freezer is also worth to be the choice of treatment in hot and cold category.

People can get a lot of information on how to overcome the pain caused by arthritis. Otc arthritis meds become the solution for treatment.

There are many ways to reduce the discomfort. You can find what suits you the best as you have seen what they are and how they influence to relief the pain. Which one is effective for you?

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