Apple Cider Vinegar for Hemorrhoids : Benefits and How To Use It

A choice of apple cider vinegar for hemorrhoids is one alternative as home remedy treatments you need to consider. The natural material is what most people use as a home remedy for hemorrhoids pain.

One of the best element in natural remedies for hemorrhoids is apple cider vinegar. Below, you will find out how apple cider vinegar can cure hemorrhoids besides pile surgery treatment.

Hemorrhoids Explanation

Hemorrhoids are known as a swollen or can be said as an inflamed vein in someone anus or rectum. One cause of this disease is due to there is an increasing pressure around the veins in the lower rectum. There are some other causes like “can stress cause hemorrhoids”?

Sometimes some treatment is needed so that the hemorrhoids is removed. (read: Can Hemorrhoids Go Away On Their Own?)

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar Hemorrhoids?

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hemorrhoid

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hemorrhoids : Benefits and How To Use It

There are various choices of home remedies beside doctor recommended medication that you could find on the market these days. One of them is apple cider vinegar (ACV).

This type of vinegar is the type of home remedies that has several benefits. Unpasteurized, raw, and organic apple cider could be used for various purposes as well.

Some people use these natural remedies for hemorrhoids apple cider vinegar to lose weight while some others might use this home remedy for enhancing digestion.

Vinegar from apple cider also could be used for treating acne and dandruff as well. This type of home remedies also could lower blood pressure and cholesterol level and treat vaginal infections.

Another benefit that you could get from apple cider is that you could use it to treat hemorrhoids.

Apple Cider Vinegar Properties And Benefits

Some people might use apple cider vinegar hemorrhoid treatment to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are a condition where the veins in your anal are swollen due to excessive pressure that is caused by various factors such as pregnancy, bowel movements, poor diet, heredity, constipation, and infection.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are including pain, itching, bleeding, irritation, and swelling. This condition could be treated by using various options for treatment.

Another benefits ACV is for blood circulation treatment, removing cholesterol, losing weight program as you can find from apple cider vinegar detox that heal some others.

Another option in the treatment of hemorrhoids with natural ingredients is used: essential oils for curing piles, tea tree oil, aloe vera, Epsom salt.

Apple Cider Vinegar Hemorrhoids Benefits

Content, function and some benefits of apple cider vinegar external hemorrhoids home remedy treatment

One of the best ways to treat hemorrhoids is by using home remedies. ACV is one of the home remedies that you could use to treat hemorrhoids.

Vinegar also could give you various benefits since this type of home remedies has antibacterial, antifungal, and astringent properties.

These properties exist due to the contents of this product such as lactic and malic acids. Apple cider vinegar also contains minerals and vitamins, iron, sodium, calcium, potassium, and pectin.

You can consider to use apple cider vinegar for constipation if you piles come with bloating or digestion problems

Actually, ACV has more benefits for your life that just for treating hemorrhoids only. And These are some more ACV advantages :

Hemorrhoids And Apple Cider Vinegar Treatments Reports

Most people who use this home remedy to treat hemorrhoids report improvement in their condition.

Apple cider is also considered could reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids such as itching and burning sensation. The logical explanation of why this product could be used to treat symptoms of hemorrhoids is because it contains astringent properties.

Astringent properties could reduce the swelling which might lead to the shrinking of swollen veins that are caused by hemorrhoids.

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Hemorrhoids

For those of you who want to use apple cider vinegar hemorrhoids to treat hemorrhoids, you might need to know the right directions on how to use this natural remedy as treatment for piles.

The usage of apple cider for treating hemorrhoids will depend on the type of hemorrhoids that you have. If you have internal hemorrhoids, this remedy should be consumed orally.

It’s recommended for you to take a few teaspoons of ACV daily for maximum there times a day. You can add this apple cider into a glass of water to dilute it before you drink the solution.

You also could add some honey to improve the taste of the apple vinegar solution that you’ve made.

Some reports shows that apple cider vinegar for diabetes can heal the type 2

Using ACV for External Hemorrhoids

For people with external hemorrhoids, this home remedy could be used in two ways. First, you could make sitz baths that contain ACV.

To prepare sitz bath, you can add a half cup of apple cider vinegar into water and stir it. Another way to use vinegar for external hemorrhoids treatment is by applying it directly on the affected area.

You can use a cotton pad or ball that is soaked into a small amount of this natural hemorrhoid treatment apple cider vinegar and press the cotton pad or ball gently to the affected area.

Before the application of this natural remedy vinegar and hemorrhoids to the affected area, it’s better for you to clean the area first. This treatment might reduce itching and irritation.

In most cases, this type of treatment for hemorrhoids will reduce swelling and shrink hemorrhoids within 24 to 48 hours.

However, in order to shrink the hemorrhoids completely, you need to use this apple cider vinegar treatment for a couple of weeks.

What Side Effect ACV for Hemorrhoids

Using apple cider vinegar on hemorrhoids to treat piles in moderate dosage will not cause any side effects and considered completely safe.

However, if you use it more than 200 to 250 ml for a longer time, this home remedy might cause side effects to some people.

The side effects of the overuse of apple cider vinegar in treating hemorrhoids are including decreased potassium level and weakened bones.

The topical application of this remedy might also cause stinging in some people due to its acidic properties.

The best way to prevent the side effects of using apple cider vinegar for hemorrhoids ACV to treat hemorrhoids is by diluting it into the water before application.

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