5 Back Pain And Rheumatoid Joint Pain Exercise To Ease The Pain

Back and joint pain both spell trouble and discomfort. Back pain is fairly common and has numerous causes attached to it whereas joint pain becomes common as you age over 50 years. In younger people joint pain can indicate presence of Arthritis or other joint related diseases and infections.

Some cases of back and joint pain are debilitating in nature and can degenerate your bones and tissues. In this article we will discuss various aspects of managing and coping techniques of these two common issues.

Some of these remedies require an external and qualified help whereas others can be easily done by you at the ease of your home. However, the first step in dealing with this pain is to get yourself checked by a specialist doctor to ascertain the exact reason behind the pain.

What You Have To Do To Ease Back Pain And Rheumatoid Joint Pain

Ample Exercise

Usual mantra of taking ample rest does not work with all pains. It usually is recommended only in cases of injuries which may not heal or slow heal due to exertion.

In case of Joint pain it is important that light exercises are done regularly to maintain the flexibility of the joints.

Yoga is also a great exercise technique which makes you physically agile and active mentally. In fact the relaxation techniques of yoga can relieve you of the pain as well.

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For back pain too, there are certain stretching and lying down poses that help in relieving the pain and strengthen the back.

Do note that you must not indulge in poses that require you to exert weight on the waist or back. Bending down from the waist is also discouraged strongly.

Dive In

Wading in the water is a great way of exercising the joints and back without exerting undue pressure on them. Warm water is preferred but you can get into water at room temperature as well.

For joints of hands, insert your hands until the arm into a large mug of water.

Move them clockwise and then anti clockwise. Same kind of exercise you can do for your ankles as well.

For backache if you get into the bath tub, then make sure that you do not slouch and maintain a straight pose.

It is better to go for a light swim because it keeps your body posture perfect.

Compresses And Massages

Hot and cold compresses (using Cinnamon oil) are the ancient ways of relieving pain. Heat restores the movement and flexibility of muscles while soothing the inflammation whereas cold compresses obstruct the pain signal being sent to brain thereby giving a temporary relief from the pain.

Massaging the joints and back with oils like eucalyptus, mustard and coconut are also popular. However, for backaches you must consult the doctor it is okay for you to massage the back.

Lifestyle Changes

We all are resistant to change, but it is important to make a few changes in your lifestyle and everyday life to make it easy for dealing with back and joint pain. Ensure that your bed is not too soft and pillow is not high.

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Shun your heels even if it breaks your heart! Heels are worst enemy of knee joints and back. Correct your posture as most of the backaches are a consequence of wrong or slouching posture.

Refuse to get pushed into sedentary lifestyle due to pain. Avoid processed and refined food as it increases the inflammation and slows down the healing process of the body.

Alternative Treatment

Acupuncture is a popular alternative Chinese treatment which involves inserting needles in the body parts depending on the problem along with the use of Chinese herbs.

This therapy requires a qualified acupuncturist. It is a painless procedure as the needles used are micro thin. The number of sessions depend on the extent of problem and differs from person to person.

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