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Foods That Detox Your Body: Clean Your Blood with Natural Treatment For Health Skin

Fasting, fοr example juice fasting, іѕ аmοng thе easiest methods tο detox οr purify уουr bloodstream. Vegetable аnd fruit juices lіkе fresh lemon juice, carrot juice, аnd juices produced frοm eco-friendly leafy veggies, аnd beetroot juice аrе fаntаѕtіс fοr cleansing thе bloodstream. At least you need to know how to remove toxins from the bloodstream for fixing skin problems. Continue reading

Does Drinking Water Help Your Skin? These The Best Drinks You Should Take

I don’t know about you, but I can see changes in my skin almost daily as I get older. And I am not liking what I see. I know I need to eat better and exercise more, but yea, like they say, knowing it and actually doing it do not always go hand in hand. So I am just about over-the-moon excited to learn that there is a way to drink your way to healthier looking skin!!

Benefits Drinking Soy Latte for Your Skin

drinking soy latte skin benefits

And no, it is not just all about those glasses of water. This daily must drink beverage menu has a Soy Latte on it. Everyday. Every single day. If it will help improve my skin, I guess I could force myself to add this delicious drink to my daily must-do list.

There are the obvious – green tea, water, and more water on the list, of course. Did I mention that soy latte? What I liked in this article is the way they set up an easy do-able schedule for these liquid beverages sure to turn back the hands of time and make me beautiful again. that will hopefully help improve my old skin.

In the morning, start out with a green juice with Kale. Not really sure about Kale as I haven’t tried it before (I know…my bad.) It has Vitamins A and C – both of which apparently do amazing things for tired dull skin. Along with that delicious glass of green juice, you are going to have ..wait for it… one Soy Milk Latte!!

Why the Soy Milk Latte you ask? Apparently this beverage is all about the isoflavones in soy. It seems these wondrous guys help protect collagen, something that keeps skin youthful, and studies isoflavones can help can help fight wrinkles due to sunlight. But wait, there is even more good news: the minerals and proteins in soy milk can reduce the darkening and discoloration of skin.

Green Tea Benefits For Skin

drinking green tea skin benefits
Two cups of green tea are on the menu for afternoon. Now I can absolutely, without a doubt, tell you that drinking green tea always makes me feel better. Especially if I have eaten too much sugary food – or just food in general (!) But I do tend to get on green tea binges, then back off again. Seeing this list though has reminded me that this is one drink really worth making a daily habit.

In the evening, enjoy a nice tall glass of chilled Pomegranate juice. Did you know that this juice actually has twice the anti-oxidants and polyphenol as green tea?It is also great for building up the collagen in skin – which means less wrinkles and fine-lines.

And as you get ready for bed, drink a glass of cucumber enhanced water. The cucumber will help hydrate skin. Cucumbers are also filled with minerals, like magnesium and potassium, that “help with keeping the alkaline pH of skin and decrease inflammation.”

One more thing about this beautiful skin regime. Drink water for your skin. Eight glasses a day, Ladies. I know. I know.

It may be a good idea to never wander from from a bathroom either.

DIY Homemade Natural Face Mask for Dry Skin Avocado and Geranium

Your face is going to love this soothing DIY face mask. The fatty acids in the avocado nourishes your dry skin, while infusing it with Vitamins C and E. Blend in some honey, coconut oil, and skin-firming geranium essential oil, you have an incredibly nourishing mask that is going to make your beauty skin feel soft and smooth no wrinkle, and your spirit refreshed at the same time. Continue reading