What Best Healthy Foods That Help With Arthritis Inflammation?

Arthritis is uncomfortable and suffering from that disease is terrible. This will stay with you for the rest of your life. However, there are many things you can do and you can take to ease the pain when it’s acting. You need to have a balanced life to deal with this disease.

In this case, your nutrient intake is important to keep an eye on. So, what foods help with arthritis inflammation? You have to watch what you eat to help you feel better about your body. You can find so many diets and natural treatment for inflammatory Arthritis to get the best result.

What Foods Help Reduce Inflammation From Arthritis


Fish is one of the good food that you need to take if you have arthritis. Fatty fish is going to be better because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

The fish is usually salmon, sardines, trout, and mackerel. Those fishes are good resources for you to get the omega-3 fatty acid intake.

According to research, eight weeks after participants took the omega-3 fatty acid diet, their inflammation level decreased significantly.

Taking a supplement that contains omega-3 fatty acids is also helpful to decrease the intensity of the joint pain. These fatty fish are also a good source of vitamin D which is also useful and effective to reduce inflammation.


Another good food that you need to take is garlic. We know that garlic makes all foods taste better, but some people do not like the smell.

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However, this garlic is a good source of compounds that can help you to lower the risk of dementia and heart disease.

It strengthens the immune system and can help decrease the symptoms of arthritis as it contains anti-inflammatory effects. So, garlic helps you to deal with your uncomfortable feeling from arthritis.


When it comes to vegetables, you can take broccoli as this green vegetable is rich in sulforaphane which is one of the compounds that is good to help reduce inflammation. You can put broccoli in your diet and console it with other foods you like to have.

Olive Oil

The use of olive oil in your cooking will also be good for you who suffer from arthritis. Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory which is good to take each day.

This can decrease the joint pain that is normally happening to people with arthritis. Besides olive oil is good to reduce inflammation, it is also good for your health in the long run.

Instead of using your other kind of oil to cook, try to start with olive oil in every cooking you make. This will be a good start to live healthier for sure.

This is good for you to simply adjust your life with these foods that are good to reduce the pain in your joint. It is also important for you to check with your doctor to get the best diet for your condition.

Each person is unique, that is why it is important to really get to know what foods help with arthritis inflammation based on your personal need.

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