8 Coronavirus Lockdown Activities to Keep Yourself Occupied

To keep yourself occupied at home, you can try these Coronavirus lockdown activities. With the Coronavirus pandemic predicted to last as long as the rest of this year, people are encouraged to minimize going out. Many areas are also on lockdown. But staying home doesn’t have to be boring if you try the 8 activities below.

best lockdown activities

1. Watch Concerts Online

watching concert online during lockdown activites
Thanks to the outbreak, all concerts are postponed for now. But some artists like John Legend and Pink are streaming their performances for free. Even Coachella is online this year – head to YouTube on April 10th and stream it for free!

2. Stream Movies

watch streaming movie during lockdown
Like concerts, movie releases are postponed too. Fret not because some, like The Invisible Man, are being made available for streaming. There’s no better time to Netflix and chill than now!

3. Take an Online Course

taking online course lockdown activities
Many online learning platforms are currently offering courses for free. Ivy League universities are also making their courses available online. Use your time to do Coronavirus self-isolation activities for self-development. When the pandemic is over, leverage on the skills to advance your career.

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4. Meditate

doing meditation during lockdown
Some of us have lost our jobs, some have loved ones on the medical frontline, and many are unable to see their friends and family. It’s very normal to feel stressed and anxious.
Here’s a simple exercise you can try to ease your worries. Lie down with your eyes closed and palms up. Focus on taking deep breaths. Alternatively, sit cross legged and repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Try doing this for 5 minutes, then gradually increase the duration.

5. Learn a New Language

learning language at home as lockdown
Picking up new languages is another productive idea for Coronavirus quarantine activities. Foreign language skills are useful, especially since the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. You can use the extra time you spend at home to teach yourself a new language. Download a language learning app or sign up for an online course.

6. Join Webinars

follow webinar during coronavirus lockdown
Webinars are a great way to learn new things in a short time. There are many organizations that offer webinars for free during this period. A good thing about webinars is that they are guided by experts and you have the opportunity to ask and have your question answered in real time.

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7. Follow A Skincare Routine

selfcare as lockdown activities
Treat yourself to a 10-step skin care routine that you’ve always wanted to try but never have the time to! Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful, right? So get your sheet masks and creams ready!

8. Get Cooking

cooking during coronavirus lockdown
Now that you have time, you can try all the recipes that you like to watch on social media but never try. It’s time to cook for your loved ones to show how much you appreciate them. Even better, why not cook some food and share it with an elderly neighbour or essential workers like the postman or the waste collector that come to your house?

Hopefully this list of Coronavirus lockdown activities can help you spend your time at home productively. Stay safe and healthy!

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