Why Protein Makes Me Sleepy? 10 Food That Helps Sleep Better And Fast

By consuming these foods that help you sleep through the night you can have a better rest and recharge your energy. One of these sleep-inducing foods can help you overcome the causes of insomnia at night and make you tired and sluggish because of containing has most melatonin.

Sleep-Inducing Foods : Best 10 Things To Eat That Make You Sleepy

How To Get To Sleep Fast

Tips for getting sleep fast. There are some natural ways to help sleep through the night just by eating a certain food. Actually there is some kind of fruit, drink that helps you relax and sleep better. Basically having healthy foods to eat at night

Why Can’t Sleep Through The Night? What Cause of It?

The cause of often awakened is due to a lack of minerals in the body resulting in metabolic abnormalities in the body. By meeting the nutritional needs of the body, the digestive system, processing, and metabolism in the body run smoothly, those all you need of foods for deep sleep.

Foods That Make You Sleepy Fast

What components in foods that help you sleep through the night? The types of minerals that are needed by the body to sleep well naturally and overcome insomnia include magnesium potassium vitamin b and tryptophan. Some people consume high protein low carb foods at night before sleeping. You need to know kinds o foods that help you sleep to fight insomnia by doing healthy eating habits.

Best Nutrient for Deep Sleep

Below some nutrient that responsible on how to get better sleep quality :

A. Does Magnesium Help You Sleep?

Yes, it does help you sleep soon. Magnesium is a mineral that is very helpful in dealing with insomnia and makes sleeping soundly and longer.

Magnesium plays a very important role in relaxing muscles through neuroprotective effects. Besides, magnesium is also very useful for reducing brain temperature and hormone regulation.

What happens when magnesium deficiency is difficulty sleeping soundly even experiencing cramps at night.

B. Potassium

Can potassium make you sleepy? Some people experience drowsy faster after eating potassium containing food.

The benefits of Potassium is playing a role in improving sleep, relaxation of muscles and brain, regulating blood pressure and digestion. Lack of potassium affects sleeplessness due to muscle fatigue, cramps, heartbeat irregularities.

C. Tryptophan

Why tryptophan makes you sleepy? Tryptophan is an amino acid that is naturally present in several types of fruit. Tryptophan in the body functions to produce the hormone serotonin and melatonin which can affect one’s body.

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By eating foods that reduce stress and anxiety that contain tryptophan,  your nerves and muscle relax faster and make you drowsy.

D. Serotonin and Melatonin

How does serotonin induce sleep? Serotonin is very influential in regulating your mood. While melatonin contributes to regulating body signals associated with day and night. These nutrients are also contained in foods that make you happy that useful in reducing stress and anxiety.

Simultaneously these two hormones contribute to sleep patterns, decreased body temperature, and hormonal regulation.

E. Vitamin B

Another factor that affects one’s sleep is vitamins. And vitamin B is the substance that gives the best results in the matter of sleep.

Why does b complex make me sleepy? This water-soluble vitamin helps in the formation of the hormone tryptophan which then produces serotonin and melatonin.

Foods That Make You Tired And Sluggish

There are some natural mood enhancers for anxiety for healing insomnia you can eat if you want to fall asleep quickly and sleep better. Below foods to eat before bed to help you sleep :

1. Banana

Do bananas help you sleep? Yes, it does. It is one of the best foods for sleep. Bananas are filled with calcium potassium protein magnesium fiber vitamin c vitamin b6 and biotin. So bananas can meet all the nutritional needs that are required for a good night’s sleep.

Bananas also contain tryptophan which is an amino acid that helps you sleep quickly.

Bananas also contain fiber which is very useful to make you feel full while sleeping. So you don’t need to worry about why do bananas make me tired.

Eating bananas before bed helps relax the muscles in the body due to neuroprotective effects. And it is good as to what to eat at night when hungry.

Never leave banana from your healthy budget grocery list. Banana is one of the fruits, which has the most complete composition to help a person’s body sleep well. One large banana provides half the intake of vitamin B6 for one-day activities.

2. Almonds and Sleep

Is almond good for sleep? Almonds are known to contain lots of melatonin which greatly helps a person with a sleep cycle. Almonds contain large amounts of magnesium so that it can help your body to sleep well.

Almonds are very suitable as a snack before bed because of the good fat content and low sugar so that it can help you feel full during sleep.

3. Kiwi

Does kiwi help you sleep better? Kiwi is one of the fruit for sleep and high in serotonin. Based on research kiwi fruit has a close connection between consumption and sleep.

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One of the important components in kiwi related to sleep is potassium, which is very helpful for the muscles and brain to relax and facilitate blood pressure and digestion.

Research conducted on several men and women by eating kiwi fruit for 4 weeks and 2 hours before bedtime results in better sleep, faster drowsiness, better sleep quality.

4. Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet potato toast contains a lot of magnesium potassium and calcium which is very helpful for the body to relax especially when going to sleep to get drowsy quickly.

5. Dark Chocolate – Best Foods For Sleep

Dark chocolate sleep benefits. It is known to be very helpful for someone to get sleepy and sleep well. Even though dark chocolate contains caffeine which is known to accelerate the heart rate resulting in a person awake but these foods also contain serotonin which is very helpful for muscle relaxation.

6. Prune

Prune is fruit for sleep. Drinking prune juice before sleeping can help you sleepy. Prune is related to sleep because it contains magnesium which together with potassium helps produce melatonin which relaxes the muscles and the brain then quickly drowsiness and sleep. This is one that food has the most melatonin.

7. Turkey

What is the hormone in turkey that makes you sleepy? Turkey meat contains tryptophan which helps the formation of serotonin and melatonin so that the body feels weak and the brain is drowsy. So this turkey is called the sleepy prick after the Thanksgiving celebration. These foods make you sleepy after lunch.

8. Yogurt

Does yogurt affect sleep? Yes, it does. Taking yogurt before bed, a few hours before bedtime can make you feel sleepy and help you sleep better. This is because yogurt contains high calcium. This is evidenced by research in some people who experience a lack of calcium will have difficulty during sleep, and getting to sleep improves at normal calcium levels.

You can also consume yogurt as many you want because it is one of the foods you can eat an unlimited amount without gain weight.

9. Cherries

Cherry fruit is useful if you have difficulty coughing and sleeping. Consume this fruit a few hours before going to bed. The high content of melatonin is considered a component that helps a person get drowsy because the muscles and brain feel tired.

10. Carrots

Carrots can help you get sleepy and sleep better. Based on the results of the study, that alpha-carotene content in carrots is closely related to one’s sleep ability.

Raw carrots, carrot juice, canned carrots are good sources of alpha-carotene before bedtime. Other carrots are potassium and vitamin B6.

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