What Are Black Diarrhea Causes and Difference to the Bloody Diarrhea?

There are some causes of black diarrhea. It can come from different factors. And we will see the differences between black diarrhea and bloody diarrhea in this article below.

It can be spelled out if diarrhea is a disease of every human. It is because almost everyone has experienced it.

However, a person who is still struggling with pacing to the bathroom for more than a week or even two weeks, it is not common diarrhea then. What and why? It could be black diarrhea causes.

What Are Black Diarrhea Causes and Difference to the Bloody Diarrhea?

Immediately, identify the symptoms and causes at least at home first before it is getting serious like seeing a doctor.

We need to start with a common problem with diarrhea. Things to note are like the time for diarrhea occurrence.

Find out if it happens all the time and continuously. Then, remember what foods have been consumed before the onset of diarrhea.

What food or situation that causes diarrhea worse? Do not forget also with the last medication consumed. Next, see the texture of diarrhea, whether it is bloody, oily, fatty, or watery black diarrhea causes.

We will certainly focus on the bloody diarrhea section as it is related to black diarrhea causes. Then, calculate how long and what complaints are experienced by looking at the history of existing diseases in the family.

So basically, black diarrhea causes are a sign of more serious conditions such as infection, bowel disease irritation, pancreatitis or colon cancer depending on color and other symptoms such as dehydration, high fever, and excessive abdominal pain.

Black stool can also be caused by Pepto Bismol for treating diarrhea. The ingredient inside the medicine cause it.

Further and specific to black diarrhea, people should understand what is called melena and what the real cause.

It is because there are also cases where people only have ‘false melena’ actually. It means the stools are dark but actually do not contain any blood at all.

Bloody Diarrhea vs Black Diarrhea Causes

The conversation seems to be interesting to know the difference between bloody diarrhea and black diarrhea causes.

It is very clearly seen both differences when it is viewed from the color of diarrhea. However, the brightness or darkness of the red color will be greatly influenced by the bleeding point.

It means the nearby location of the bleeding when measured from the rectum will affect the color to be seen during defecation.

When it comes to bright red color, it can be a sign of the bleeding that is occurred near the rectum or around the rectum.

Otherwise, if it comes in dark to black as in black diarrhea, it can be concluded if the bleeding occurs away from the rectum.

In this case, then we can focus on the colon and its surroundings as the location. However, this principle will not continue to apply especially if a person has severe or large bleeding.

It could be different because the blood is not digested as a whole and evenly. So when it comes out, the color does not directly become black as found in black diarrhea causes.

It can be black tea or black coffee that causes diarrhea that is not really black and as thick as asphalt for the highway.

Black stool diarrhea causes do not always have to be associated with a disease as serious as cancer because ‘false melena’ can only be caused by the intake of certain foods including iron. Many cases turned out to be bleeding ulcers.

In addition, black stools can be a sign if there is a problem in the upper digestive tract. It can be detected with a special test.

As the melena means, black diarrhea occurs by bleeding and the false means it does not contain bleeding elements.

Melena Causes

We have already mentioned a bit about bleeding ulcers. In the end, it comes out as black diarrhea causes. Ulcers are bleeding in the lining of the stomach.

An ulcer is caused by a bacterial infection called Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori). However, generally, this pain can be slightly relieved with antibiotics and acid reducers.

In addition, the long-term use of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can also cause stomach ulcers. Second, there is gastritis. Gastritis is also present in the inner lining of the stomach.

This inflammation occurs from eating too many spicy foods, smoking, alcohol, bacterial infections, and long-term NSAID consumption.

It is also able to develop due to trauma or surgery depending on the health condition. Third, melena has esophageal varices too as one of the black diarrhea causes.

It extends the veins in the upper stomach or lower esophageal walls. The breaking of the veins that causes the bleeding then comes out through stool and vomit form.

High blood pressure or hypertension also turned out to contribute to esophageal varices as the melena emergence in black diarrhea.

The last is Mallory-Weiss syndrome. It is a kind of tear where the mucous membrane joins the esophagus and the stomach.

If injured, then the threat will be brought by this causes black diarrhea. However, keep in mind also if specific in the Mallory-Weiss tear cases are so rare to find.

Even if it occurs, it is caused by violent vomiting, coughing, or epilepsy.

The comparison is also quite significant which is about 4 people among 100,000. So by observing all the main causes, we can determine it well and be aware of the signs that are revealed to be serious. The most important thing to get rid of black diarrhea causes is to repair the lifestyle.

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