Black Diarrhea in Adults Inside Out – Where, How, and What to Do

What about diarrhea like black diarrhea in adults? Here are some introductory sentences about this disease.


Feces can actually show a person’s health level, especially when it is viewed from the characteristics such as colors. We certainly often see feces with colors other than brown as a normal color.

black stools in adults causes tarry liquid after drinking stomach flu and severe pain

There is red, yellow, green, grayish, and black stool diarrhea. Brown color occurs because it is caused by the bile in the process of digestion.

On the other hand, feces are also sometimes in green. This is caused by green vegetables, side effects of antibiotics, or because the digestive process is too fast.

Besides green diarrhea and brown, black feces are in some cases still considered normal if it does not happen too often and badly.

If so, then this will only be related to foods that cause dark stools such as black beans, black licorice, iron pills, anti-diarrhea medicine such as Pepto Bismol, and blueberries.

However, black liquid poop in adults still cannot be underestimated and based on those factors only. So do not take for granted the black poop in adults.

What is the difference between adults and children? Of course, we should know melena in this case.

Causes Black Liquid Poop In Adults

What does it mean when your stool is black? The black watery diarrhea causes can be seen from the feces. Feces that are accompanied by blood indicate bleeding along the digestive tract from stomach, intestines, to the anus.

However, it can occur in various places and the characteristics can be different. If the stool is in fresh blood red and drips, then the possibility of bleeding source comes from the rectum and anus due to hemorrhoids.

If it is mixed with feces, then the dark stool from digested blood may come from the intestines and colon. Not only red, but there is also very dark brown stool almost black or known as melena.

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Smell Stool

If the black stools in adults are with characteristic as it looks sticky, foul-smelling, it means that the person may be suffering from bleeding from an ulcer to a tumor or cancer with a time-consuming recovery. This is what to watch out for from the danger of black tarry diarrhea.

The way is absolutely by visiting a doctor and make sure with further examination. The source is usually from the stomach due to gastrointestinal infections.

Other accompanying symptoms are such as fever which may also indicate dysentery. In this case, it commonly affects children.

About the symptoms that occur in dark stools, all of which can cause risks such as hemorrhoids, colitis, polyp or tuberculosis, and colon cancer.

Hemorrhoids are the most frequent case which is complained by adults.

The cause is by some factors for instance, difficult for defecation, sitting too long, lifting a heavy burden, heavy cough, and others.

When the hemorrhoids can be cured with medication even for a long time, then the cancer sufferer inevitably has to perform a surgery. That is what the black poop in adults means actually.

How To Get Rid Of Black Stool?

When realizing there is melena stools between family members like parents, grandparents, or even yourself, then the thing that should become the focus is about bleeding.

So everyone has to understand the color of feces and textures to make sure it is really what black diarrhea in an adult means.

Remember What You Have Eaten

Let us make it on-point. The short point is the black color in feces can indicate that the internal bleeding is black as well. It is similar to asphalt with a sticky texture and thick.

That is why people and doctors call it tar stools. Besides, the smell is also very disturbing.

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Before that, make sure first about the intake of food mentioned earlier or similar foods that enter the body.

When you are very sure if the food is not the cause, then immediately visit the doctor. So the next question that arises is how the internal bleeding can trigger dark green stool almost black.

Actually, black diarrhea is made of digested blood. Therefore, the bleeding is mixed in the digestive tract. The process will be like this.

The blood from somewhere place drop and enter the intestine so continuously in the intestines, the blood is getting digested more and more.

As a result, the color has changed to darker when originally is red as in general bloody red. Once it turned black watery diarrhea, the black color is finally created especially when the blood has reached the colon.

For your information, until that stage, humans have lost approximately 2 ounces of blood in a food pipe.

Consider To Go To The Doctor

Then, it comes out to be diarrhea as we see it as a black tarry stool. For its estimated time, it takes time around 5-20 hours from bleeding to process to exit to black diarrhea.

This kind of disease becomes more dangerous after the described process. This can be seen from the usual symptoms afterward such as low blood pressure, headache, dehydration, to fainting due to lack of blood.

However, it does not need to be panic because it is not intended to make people about the threat.

If black diarrhea in adults had happened to someone, there is no other way than to go to the hospital. To prevent, start it from a healthy lifestyle by drinking lots of water, reduce alcohol to get rid of black diarrhea in adult alcohol, balanced nutrition intake, and diligent exercise.

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