Black Watery Diarrhea – 5 Main Causes and Signs

These are the explanation of black watery diarrhea with what the causes and some signs you have to know. And the best also alternative black stool treatment you can do to relieve this pain.

Change In stool when Diarrhea

Black Watery Diarrhea – 5 Main Causes and Signs

At least everyone has experienced diarrhea once. Surprised is the usual but the unusual thing is when experiencing black watery or sulfur burps and diarrhea. The change of color and texture in the stool can be caused by many things.

As we know if the normal stool is in brown. In another case, when the food is digested quickly, the stool color looks green. This is due to the bile that does not have time to break down. However, what about black stools?

What does Black Diarrhea mean?

The black stool diarrhea with watery means the feces contains blood the blood turns to be black because there is a presence of bleeding from the upper digestive tract such as the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine.

Another sign like fever, nausea, and stomachache will prove more that it comes from an infection from the place.

Diarrhea can be analyzed based on where the bleeding comes from. The location can be anywhere ranging from nose to colon.

The bleeding is often called melena. In detail, black diarrhea causes will be revealed in the following explanation.

What Causes Black Watery Diarrhea?

Hemorrhoids and Colon Cancer

Black watery diarrhea in adults is often caused by hemorrhoids or piles. It is a condition where there is a swelling inside the anus. Due to the inflammation presented in the blood vessels, blood vessels then burst and cause bleeding. As a result, the anal part bleeds.

Watch this how-to diagnosis black stool video to explain your condition :

The occurrence of black stool along with pain vomiting bloating or diarrhea is because it comes out in conjunction with blood.

Moreover, tumor development can lead to colon cancer. It means this is what triggers the emergence of bleeding to black diarrhea. Occurs in the colon, defecation will become more difficult and painful.

Stomach Bleeding

Stomach ulcers can also cause symptoms of black watery diarrhea. Stomach bleeding is one symptom of indigestion due to the damaged lining of the abdomen.

In the abdominal layer, there are cells that produce stomach acid. It is useful to help process or digest the foods.

If the coating is damaged then the digestion process of the food automatically is disrupted. It results in the out stools which are dark or black.

Wounds in the Stomach and Esophageal Varices

More in black watery diarrhea causes, it happens because of injury to the stomach. It is usually followed by the color of the stool that changes like in black watery diarrhea and nausea.

In addition, there are other symptoms such as vomiting blood, pain in the pit of the liver, etcetera. Then, there should be further examination with the doctor. In the case of esophageal varices, black feces appear when there is swelling of blood vessels in the lower esophagus.

Thus, the blood circulation to the liver becomes disrupted and tends to move contrary. This causes the accumulation of blood vessels until it is broken and mixed with feces.

Food and Medicine

Digestion will always be related to food intake. What you eat factor goes into the next in black watery diarrhea food poisoning causes.

In this case of foods that cause dark stools, consuming too much food high in iron could be one of the causes. The iron can be found in egg yolks, chicken, banana, spinach, red meat, spinach, and cherries. Sometimes there is a big correlation between iron supplements and smelly stool.

In addition, excessive medicine consumption can also be the next factor. As in Pepto Bismol for diarrhea, it generally comes from a doctor’s prescription. Please note inside that there is a black chemical compound. This may lead to the occurrence of black watery diarrhea.

Diverticula and Gastric Ulcers

There are also conditions where diverticular inflammation occurs due to bacterial infection. Then, the rupture of the diverticula affects the rectum to the moment of defecation, the human feces turn into black watery diarrhea.

Basically, bleeding is a major factor where this can happen anywhere including in the stomach and the formation of ulcers caused by H. Pylori bacteria and medicine like aspirin and all other anti-inflammatory medicine.

At any stage of diarrhea, you must know how to stop diarrhea fast to prevent the stomach pain getting worse.

Seek for Medical Advice If….

Specifically, on the change in black watery diarrhea, someone may need for comprehensive explanation and exam like visiting the doctors.

The change can be found if there are unexplained weight loss, exhaustion, loss of appetite, and change in bowel habits.

People with those symptoms need to be aware since it can lead to colon cancer especially for people in 50 and over and people with a family history of colorectal cancer.

In addition, other signs like vomiting blood in fresh blood color, black watery diarrhea and fever, this may lead to bleeding in the upper digestive tract.

As already described in the causes, people will need a medical emergency. Even when someone is not sure with all the symptoms of black watery diarrhea, it is also allowed to see the doctor as stomach pain and diarrhea treatment and prevention of severe and serious disease.

In the pregnancy, it is also common to find black watery diarrhea while pregnant.

The occurrence is quite often. What seems to be a problem? There are also many factors in the case of black stool diarrhea and stomach pain, the cause of too much-consuming food and vitamin in high iron can be the main factor.

To ensure the food intake and tell everything to the doctor to ensure this is not harmful especially for the baby’s growth in the womb.

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