Can Eat Egg in Piles? What Will Happen to Your Hemorrhoids

Facts and explain whether you can eat eggs in piles or not. Here is some effect if you consume chicken or duck egg in raw, boiled of other egg products.

Can you eat eggs in piles? Is it good to eat eggs in piles? What does the effect of egg you consume if you have hemorrhoids? Here are some facts you must know.

Hemorrhoids and Your Diet

Piles or hemorrhoid is a disease that is mostly suffered by modern people since their daily activities involve sitting or standing for too long. Besides, hemorrhoids can also be caused by several factors, such as genetics, pregnancy, or mistakes during exercise such as weightlifting.

can eat egg in piles

But the main cause of piles or hemorrhoids is a bad dietary habit. For example, not consuming enough fibers. So, this disease is actually able to be cured by simply changing a bad dietary habit to healthier ones.

People who want to be healed from hemorrhoids should be really concerned about what they consume. Because what they eat can either make the disease better or even more severe.

Is Eating Egg Good for Piles?

Is Egg Good For Piles? Can you eat eggs in piles? The hemorrhoid sufferers want to know the relation between suffering hemorrhoids and consuming eggs. Because as we already know, eggs are one of the most practical foods when you need a quick yet healthy breakfast.

Believe it or not, eggs are healthful for conditions that are related to digestion. Regardless of the arguments out there about eggs are low in fibers and rich in cholesterol, eggs are safe to be consumed by hemorrhoid sufferers.

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This food is able to contribute to the health of the body. Eggs contain essential amino acids which are good for the nervous system and brain. Eggs are also a great source of vitamins and minerals.

But, remembering that eggs contain high protein, the hemorrhoid sufferers need to know that they must consume eggs in a moderate portion.

They have to consume it in a proper amount. It is because consuming too many proteins is able to lead to bowel difficulty.

So, limit the consumption of eggs in order to avoid any side effects that can possibly appear. Eggs are not only safe for hemorrhoids but also other digestive problems, such as gastritis and irritation bowel syndrome.

You can also try to find whether eating a duck egg has a good contribution to piles treatment. Eggs are included one of the few foods that can cause constipation and stomach ache.

Will Eggs Content Affect Your Hemorrhoids?

100 grams of poached eggs contain 9.5 grams of fat. 100 grams of hard-boiled eggs contain 10.6 grams of fat. Both of 100 grams of poached eggs and hard-boiled eggs contain 370 milligrams of cholesterol.

So, consuming 100 grams of eggs which are around 2 small eggs will not cause constipation or make hemorrhoids worse and more severe.

You may think to get other protein sources by eating chicken meat during piles.

Instead, it can fulfill the need of daily cholesterol intake because of the total fat content. So, are you still afraid to consume eggs while you have hemorrhoids?

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