Can Hemorrhoid Cause Gas and Bloating?

Reasons why causes gas and bloating on hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is one of the diseases that is caused by wrong daily consumptions and lack of exercise.

Yes, from many cases of the pain, mostly, the patients’ hemorrhoids to flare up because consuming less fiber and more foods containing fat.

Besides, there are also a few cases of hemorrhoids being naturally suffered due to the rectum size that is too small. There are some hemorrhoids types, signs, symptoms and further effects experienced by patients. One of them is gas and bloating. How can it be?

Gas and bloating are not always experienced by all hemorrhoids patients

There are some symptoms and further effects that must be experienced by hemorrhoid patients including bleeding, irritation, pain, and swelling around the rectum area. However, some patients may also feel some other uncomfortable feelings.

One of them is bloating and gas accumulation in the stomach. The gas is produced due to the digestive system that is not working well.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Cause Gas?

Since hemorrhoid and constipation itself is the worse version of the disease, it is necessary if the bloating and gas are also suffered by the patients.

Can hemorrhoids cause gas and bloating? Gas and bloating are produced by some types of foods for piles that particularly contain fat. Fat acid in those foods has a characteristic that stimulates the production of gas inside the stomach.

When the condition is continued, it causes hemorrhoids. That’s why; some people may be suffered from hemorrhoids while having the gas problem as well. For this reason, also, fatty foods are considered one of the foods to avoid hemorrhoids. Some people afraid of hemorrhoids can cause cancer if left untreated.

How to Ease Hemorrhoids Pain

Starting from when you feel the symptoms of hemorrhoids, whatever they are, you must consult your conditions immediately to the doctor. Then, you can take the medication given, undergo the treatments, and even change your lifestyle.

Changing lifestyles can be started from the foods to eat. There are some foods that must be completely avoided by patients including meat, egg, milk, and other things that contain high levels of fat.

You should avoid some food that makes your pain to itching, it is expected that gas and bloating problems are also no longer experienced. The digestive problem can make bowel movement difficulty during hemorrhoids.

You should be taking care of what you eat during hemorrhoids. Replace foods above with others that contain high levels of fiber. Fruits and vegetables are good examples of this. To fulfill your needs of fat and protein, you can get them from nuts and grains.

Supplements are also necessary to consume during the recovery process. When you have been completely done with the disease, upgrade your lifestyle with exercise. So, those are the answers for; can hemorrhoids cause gas and bloating?

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