Can Hemorrhoids Cause Cancer: What Experts Say about This

Some people suffering from hemorrhoids may wonder can hemorrhoids cause cancer. Hemorrhoid seems to be linked to rectal cancer, but both hemorrhoid and cancer are totally different.

What are hemorrhoids signs that have linked with cancer? There is no correlation between these two health problems. If someone with hemorrhoids does not take any proper care or any treatment to get rid of it, hemorrhoids will not change into cancer, but into gangrene.

What People Say

Some people may think hard about hemorrhoids can cause cancer. This is perhaps because they do not pay more attention to details.

They do not know well about hemorrhoids and cancer, especially rectal cancer. What they know is just the location is the same and some symptoms of hemorrhoids vs cancer are also the same.

With these similarities, they may think that hemorrhoids can cause cancer. In fact, hemorrhoids are not linked to cancer directly.

But some people suffer constipation when hemorrhoids pain and gas while in piles.

Can Hemorrhoids Cause Cancer: What Experts Say about This

Proof If Hemorrhoids Cause Cancer

Some proofs may also happen that they are actually not about can hemorrhoids cause cancer.

They might have a fail diagnosis of what they feel. For example, you find that you have rectal bleeding and you go to meet your doctor.

Because some symptoms of hemorrhoids and cancer are similar, the doctor may think that it was hemorrhoid although it is actually cancer.

Several times later, you find that you are diagnosed with cancer and you think that hemorrhoids can cause cancer.

This may be common proofs that happen and make people think that hemorrhoid can cause cancer.

Signs You Have To Know

There are several symptoms that you need to consider whether they are symptoms of hemorrhoids or cancer.

They include rectal bleeding, blood in the stool, blood on the stool, blood on the tissue paper, and blood in the toilet bowl. Some said hemorrhoids pain affect bowel movement and cause gas during piles.

In addition to those similarities, there are some differences in hemorrhoids symptoms and colorectal cancer symptoms.

The biggest difference is that rectal bleeding caused by colorectal cancer will be most likely dark and or already hardening.

On the other hand, the rectal bleeding caused by hemorrhoids is usually very fresh and bright red. The problem on bowel movement during hemorrhoids is also suffered by those who suffer this disease.

If you are wondering about can hemorrhoids cause cancer or can piles turn into cancer, what you need to do is to go to the doctor to diagnose the problem and to carefully examine the symptoms?

What To Do

To make sure that can hemorrhoids cause cancer is a mistake, you should ask the doctor to have the symptoms evaluated. The evaluation can make sure whether they are hemorrhoids or cancer symptoms.

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