Can Tight Pants Cause Diarrhea? Here Is The Answer

Can tight pants cause diarrhea? This question is often asked in healthy sites and forums. It means that many people have experienced this problem. But so far, there is still no correlation between diarrhea and tight pants.

The most possible matter is that after wearing tight pants, you are suffering from other sicknesses in which diarrhea and heartburn are some of the symptoms or signs. To know more about it, you should read the explanation below.

Tight Pants Do Disturb the Digestive System

Based on research conducted in 2017, there is a bad effect of wearing tight pants and belts to the human digestive system, even the esophagus. Even if you are wearing a very tight belt, you may suffer from Esophagitis or esophagus inflammation.

The main cause of esophagitis is gastric acid reflux disease (GERD). It occurs when the stomach is pressed so that even after eating, they may feel full or the like.

In some people, GERD gives symptoms that are very similar to other gastric problems. One of them is heartburn; it is very similar to diarrhea anyway.

Then, when you have consumed medicines, the heartburn is commonly getting worse and the feces out tends to be watery as well. But of course, it doesn’t mean you have diarrhea in this case.

Disturbing the Process of Gastric Cleaning

Still related to the digestive system, particularly in the gastric area, tight pants and belts also disturb and block the process of cleaning. This is another reason why you feel heartburn and it turns into a question; can tight pants cause diarrhea?

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As information, when there are no tight pants and belts worn, the gastric needs only 21 seconds to clean and empty its cavity. On the other hand, it takes around 81 seconds or 60 seconds longer when you are wearing tight pants.

Some symptoms are felt when such a thing happens in your stomach. Aside from heartburn and watery feces, other symptoms are cramp and pain. Those symptoms are often misunderstood as diarrhea anyway.

Other Diseases Caused by Wearing Tight Pants

Instead of diarrhea, there are actually some other diseases you must be aware of the consequences of wearing tight pants. What are these diseases?

First of all, it is back pain. Even if you have this problem constantly, you are suggested not to wear your tight pants and denim at all. In general, wearing tight clothes tends to make it difficult to move. This is how back pain is happening.

Second, for women, tight pants also lead to vaginal fungal infection. Around 75% of women have experienced fungi infection in their vaginas at least once in their lifetime. Of course, although it is a common thing, you should not let it be. Make sure to avoid doing things that cause this problem. One of them is by not wearing tight pants too often.

Third, it happens in men anyway in which their sperm productions are reduced when wearing tight pants too often for many hours per day. Tight pants make the temperature around testicles higher and blocking it produces sperm in the ideal amount.

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