Can You Die From Hemorrhoids? What You Should See Here!

What do you think after you are diagnosed with hemorrhoids? Will hemorrhoids kill you? Hemorrhoids are a common problem, especially for Americans by age 50. The fact says that 50% of Americans will suffer from this sickness by age 50. Isn’t that a shocking fact? 50% is a great number.

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Not only about their life, but there are also some people wonder if stress can cause hemorrhoids or not. One that is not suffering from this painful health problem is lucky enough. What to do is preventing the disease. But what if you are already with hemorrhoids? Do you ever think or question about “can you die from hemorrhoids?”

Can You Die From Hemorrhoids

What To Do with Hemorrhoids?

Such a question as “can hemorrhoids kill you” can be a haunting question for you. What you need to do is taking some time to know how hemorrhoids will last if treated and untreated.

The treatment should be taken immediately after the signs and symptoms of the internal hemorrhoids or external are found. The treatments can be natural or medical to make it go away soon.

The medical can be surgical and non-surgical treatments. According to in what degree your bleeding, prolapsed or thrombosed hemorrhoid is, start the hemorrhoids treatment from the natural one.

You can do it at home several times a day to reduce the pain using the best hemorrhoids cream. However, it seems to only reduce the pain that can come at any time. The pain can go and back again.

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Non-surgical treatment can be done instead of thinking about you will die from hemorrhoids. There are some medications that you can take. Most of them are aimed at blocking the blood flow to hemorrhoids.

When the blood flow is stopped, hemorrhoids can be reduced in size until it is finally fall off. When you do some treatments but the pain still occurs and hemorrhoid still exists and getting more severe, surgical treatment can be your last choice to get rid of your hemorrhoids.

There are some conditions to meet before taking surgery. If they are already met, do the surgery as the answer to your question of how to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Relationship Between Hemorrhoids and Death

The haunting question about can you die from hemorrhoids is usually linked to the bleeding from hemorrhoids.

Some people question whether it can lead to death or not. Hemorrhoids can cause significant blood loss, indeed.

It is a kind of life-threatening when you lose lots of blood. When you get chronic blood loss, you may get anemia or worse than.

Dr. Kantsevoy explains that bleeding from hemorrhoids can provoke a heart attack in people that have a bad coronary artery.

However, not all rectal bleeding is caused by hemorrhoids. On other occasions, the doctor also explains other information that can be the answer to the question “can you die from hemorrhoids?”

There are about 10 million Americans affected by hemorrhoids. However, the doctor says that there is no idea about a chance of hemorrhoids to kill them.

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