8 Castor Oil Benefits Can Make Your Life Healthier and Easier

Many know castor oil’s health properties and is widely used for medicinal purposes. Yet, this vegetable oil’s use for health is often underrated, for a number of reasons. This vegetable oil is found from the seeds of the castor plant, which is found in Africa and India. So, what are the health properties of this vegetable oil that makes it so special? Here is a look at the seven different benefits of this oil and how it is different.

1. For hemorrhoids

Castor oil is also used usefulness to treat hemorrhoids. That is used specifically to reduce pain or inflammation. This type of essential oil is quite effective in reducing the painful symptoms that usually occur when there are symptoms of trapped blood in the veins.

2. For pain

astor oils’ anti-inflammatory properties make it be used as a natural anti-inflammatory agent useful in treatment of swollen joints and tissues. You can take this oil orally in a glass of water to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis as well. This oil can also work wonders to offer relief to back pain and abdominal pain and is also useful in menstrual cramps.

3. For hair

This vegetable oil has fatty acids and Vitamin E, both of which help you in your hair growth. All you need to do is to apply this oil on your hair and scalp to increase blood circulation and free the scalp from fungal as well as bacterial infections. Applying castor oil also ensures that you check hair loss.

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43. As laxative

The laxative benefits of this vegetable oil are well known. The ricinoleic acid in castor oil starts functioning and helps in digesting the food as well as cleanses the system and improves the bowel movement. No wonder, it helps during constipation too.

5. For skin

The skin properties of castor oil are well known to all. Using this vegetable oil on your skin helps it be hydrated and also be free fro infections. No wonder, it helps treat skin diseases like acne too. If you use the oil regularly you will be able to keep wrinkles in control too. In fact, if you apply this oil to babies, it can help prevent cases of diaper rashes too.

6. For immunity

It’s been researched and found out that castor oil, when applied to the body, helps increase the count of T-11 cells in the body thus strengthening the immune system. The total number of lymphocytes increases within 24 hours too.

7. For allergies

Are you suffering from allergies? Well, this oils’ anti-allergic properties can help. If you have allergies related to skin and naso-pharyngeal area, just take five drops of castor oil in water in an empty stomach.

8. For warts, moles and cysts

Applying this oil also helps treat warts, moles and cysts. Apply the oil with a pinch of baking soda will help solve the problem of cysts. In fact, using castor oil packs also helps dissolve cysts in the ovary.

Thus the benefits of castor oil that can be used by humans should be to obtain health and make life easy only by using safe natural materials.

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