Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids : Here’s How Good It Is To Heal Your Piles

Is castor oil good for hemorrhoids treatment? Here are benefits and the answers to the question of whether castor oil can be used to shrink or remove the piles.

Castor oil is better-known as an alternative material for the fuel. However, do you know that this oil is also good to solve some health problems?

How Can Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids Heal Your Problem?

Yes, you can use castor oil to treat hemorrhoids in some conditions. You will ease the pain when it is applied properly, it is able to heal some diseases and hemorrhoid is one of them. As you know, the hemorrhoid is probably one of the most annoying diseases.

castor oil for hemorrhoids

Despite it is really painful and disturbing, the disease is undeniably embarrassing. So, if there is a way to heal it quickly, you must try it. Using castor oil is one of them. Here are the explanations.

The Content of Castor Oil

There are many substances contained in this oil for sure. But the most important as well as the rarest one, since you may not easily find it in other ingredients, is ricinoleic acid that is functioned to heal some skin conditions including dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne.

Besides, its antioxidant is able to remove toxin coming from outside. The substance is known also as a good antivirus, antifungal, antibacterial, and anticancer. (Read also: Here’s How Good Coconut Oil Can Heal Your Hemorrhoids Pain)

Based on the substance and functions mentioned above, it is reasonable if the oil is also very good to relieve hemorrhoids. Based on some research, the oil is even claimed to be better than some other essential oils therapy to stop hemorrhoids.

How to Use Castor Oil to Heal Hemorrhoids

There are actually some ways or methods regarding the castor oil application for curing hemorrhoids with a different condition such as thrombosed, internal, external or stop the bleeding piles at home.

However, not all of them are considered effective and safe by remembering that the oil can gives side effects as well.

The easiest and safest way is by smearing the oil in the area with hemorrhoids. Make sure that the oil is indeed produced for outer skin treatment.

You can do the treatment for hemorrhoids around 2-3 times a day. For a week, it can be seen that the disease is getting recovered gradually.

You can also use a cotton bud or cotton ball to insert the oil into the rectum area. You must do this treatment very carefully to avoid the tool rubbing the painful area too much.

Avoid applying the hemorrhoids treatment when the rectum is bleeding since it can make the condition more severe.

There is also a suggestion to consume castor oil for internal treatment. However, it has not been known yet whether this method is effective and safe or not.

Some people who suffer the disease also try to mix this kind of home remedy natural oils with zinc.

Therefore, it is much better to consult your condition immediately to the doctor if the disease is not getting better after the castor oil for hemorrhoids.

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