Chair Exercises for Obese – 3 Ways to Do It

You don’t need to have full mobility to attain the health welfares of exercise. If you have weight problems such as obesity that may have limited your mobility, there are still plenty of ways you can use exercise like the chair exercises for obese.

Chair Exercises for Obese
Chair exercises is a type of exercises for obese individuals to boost mood, ease depression, relieve stress, enhance self-esteem, and improve whole vision on life. This exercise is categorized as simple exercises for obese that includes chair exercises for morbidly obese.

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How to Exercise in a Chair

Chair exercises are ideal not only for obese, but can work for people that had lower body disabilities or injuries and frail seniors who looking to reduce the risk of falling. Flexibility chair exercises and Cardiovascular can help enhance posture and depress back pain. Moreover, chair exercises can also help to alleviate body aching caused by sitting for long periods in the same position. They are also a great way to slip in a workout while you’re watching TV. Important things to consider while doing it:

  • While sitting keep the knees at 90 degrees in position by choosing an appropriate chair.
  • Try to sit up tall and use abdominal muscle to manage good posture.
  • Before exercising better to check your blood pressure especially when you have the tendency of high blood pressure and try to avoid chair exercises that involve weights.
  • Before and after the exercise Test your blood sugar if you are diabetic and taking medication that may cause hypoglycemia.
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Ways to Do Chair Exercise

There are some ways you can use to do comprehensive chair exercise for obese:

  1. Cardiovascular exercise

This exercise is considered chair aerobics that will help to burn calories and raise the heart rate. It is an exercise at a fast exercise with a high number of repetitions. Simple air-punching, without hand weights or with it, is an example of easy cardio exercise from a sitting position.

  1. Strength training

Many traditional exercises for upper body can be done from a sitting position using anything that is weighted and fits in your hand such as soup cans. Carrying exercises such as bicep curls, shoulder presses, and triceps extensions by using a heavier weight. Plan for two or three sets for each exercise (8 to 12 repetitions per sets), more exercises and adding weight as your strength gets better improve.

  1. Flexibility exercise

Throughout the day stretching can help weaken pressure and pain on the muscles that often comes with sitting for long periods. Lying down and do stretching or practicing Tai Chi or yoga in chair can also upgrade your range of motion and help increase flexibility.

Chair exercises for obese can give you the advantage of being able to do workouts when you have limited mobility. Chair exercise can help with your posture as well as reduce back pain from sitting too long. It is basically done in 3 ways that involve cardio, strength, and flexibility.

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