Chicken Quesadilla Melted Low Calories High Nutrition

Chicken quesadilla is one of the delicious variations of Mexican recipes and is a top choice. This food is a modification of the tortilla with grated cheese added in it.

Quesadilla Originality

Quesadilla is a typical Mexican food that is simple to make but provides an amazing taste. Many mistake it for cheesecake because of the cheese filling and also because it means cheese in tortilla in Spanish.

Chicken Quesadilla Melted Low Calories

Basically quesadilla can be made into non-vegetarian or vegetarian depending on the filling.

How To Make Quesadilla in General

Quesadilla is cooked in a comal which is a non-stick Spanish version of the pan, just like cooking tortillas. But cook it until the cheese that is placed on it melts.

Make sure when sprinkling the cheese right on the bread, not on the baking sheet. Then the tortilla is folded into a semi-circle like a typical quesadilla.

The flatbread is fried in olive oil until it is crispy.

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By adding a variety of fillings, you can enjoy different versions of the quesadilla for different dining occasions.

Some of the essential ingredients for making a quesadilla include: one cookie sheet, two flour tortillas, cheese, and filling.

Fillers are basically very varied depending on taste, can be a collection of chicken, steak, spices, or vegetables. For more healthier, you can add green as your vegetables for breakfast diet that of course more nutrition with vitamin, and more.

Using a knife, you can chop or chop the ingredients into small pieces. This ingredient will later be used for filling between the tortillas.

Place one flour tortilla in the center of the cookie sheet. Spread a layer of cheese over the flour tortilla. Use enough cheese if the filling is large.

Next, add the filling on top of the cheese. Cover the quesadilla with the remaining flour tortilla. After all the ingredients are mixed, the final step is to cook the quesadilla.

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Tasty Chicken Quesadilla Recipe


  • 1 Mexican wheat tortilla
  • 100 g of boneless chicken meat
  • 2 tablespoons grated cheese
  • Olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Optional ingredients: Red pepper, chopped into small cubes, chopped onion, avocado, a few grains of sweet corn.


  • Cut the chicken into small cubes or strips.
  • Add salt and pepper over the fire.
  • Heat tortillas on a skillet.
  • Add grated cheese and chicken on top.
  • Add other ingredients you like such as chilies, onions.
  • Fold the tortilla in half to make it in half.
  • Heat in skillet until golden brown and cheese melts.
  • Cut according to the size of the meal.
  • Ready to be served.
    • You can make alternative Mexican recipe like Veggie Breakfast Tacos Recipe that also good for vegetarian.

      Those all you can do to make chicken quesadilla melted low calories and high nutrition.

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