Useful Covid-19 Quarantine Activities: 8 Things You Can Do

As countries impose social distancing amidst the outbreak, people are becoming more creative with Coronavirus quarantine activities. It hasn’t been easy to give up our daily routines and stay home. But since we have no choice, why not make the most out of it? Here are 8 ideas you can do to keep your covid-19 quaran-time fun and productive.

1. Watch your favorite films and series

Streaming platforms are making many films and series available online. If you’ve been too busy to watch your favorite series or the film everyone loves but you haven’t seen, it’s time to catch up!

You can even watch together with your friends using features like Netflix Party. It’s not a real hangout, but it’s the closest to a movie date and it can be fun.

2. Tour museums – virtually

Museums are closing thanks to the outbreak. But many of them are offering free virtual tours, so add online museum tours to your list of Coronavirus quarantine activities.

You’ll come out of the quarantine a more cultured and educated person.

3. Support your local business

Many small, local F&B businesses are impacted by the virus. Their sales have dropped sharply. Help them by getting take outs or deliveries.

If you don’t need the food, consider ordering for friends in need, essential workers, or medical professionals. This way, you don’t only have local businesses but also the most vulnerable. So the coronavirus isolation keeps making you still occupied by yourself.

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4. Learn something new

Take up Coronavirus quarantine activities which keeping you remain productive. This is a great time to learn new skills which you can leverage on after the pandemic is over.

Learning platforms and top universities are offering courses for free or at discounted rates. Otherwise, you can always learn from YouTube tutorials.

5. Work out at home

Keep yourself healthy with simple workout activities at home. There are many fitness apps and online training programs to keep yourself fit while in quarantine.

Some gyms are also offering free workouts. Staying home doesn’t mean not staying fit, right?

6. Cook

As you’re forced to stay home, you’re also forced to cook. There are many free and easy recipes to try online, especially on YouTube.

You can also help other people this way. For example, by cooking for an elderly neighbor, since it’s risky for them to go out to buy groceries.

7. Donate blood

Blood donations have severely dropped since people are forced to stay home. This means a great risk for those who are in need of blood supplies.

Even if your area is on lockdown, blood donations should fall under a situation of necessity, so it’s alright to go outside.

Plus, blood donation areas are sanitized and the personnel always take the necessary hygiene measures. It’s totally safe.

8. Donate

The healthcare system is badly impacted. Many healthcare workers lack proper personal protection equipment (PPE). In addition, many essential workers are at risk since they can’t work at home. It’s time for all of us to help each other. Donating is one of the Coronavirus quarantine activities that can help your community.

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