Curd is Good for Piles, Is It True? Or Making It More Pain? This is The Answer!

Curious if curd is good for piles or not? Is it good or bad for you? Will it make your hemorrhoids better or worse? This is the explanation of what will happen to your hemorrhoids if you eat curd and related products.

Is Curd good for piles? Curd is the white and soft substance produced when the milk is getting sour. This is also the main ingredient to produce cheese. In general, dairy products are prohibited for hemorrhoid patients.

Curd is Good for Piles, Is It True? Or Making It More Pain? This is The Answer!

Some Facts If Curd is Good for Piles or Not

However, there is a saying that curd itself is good stuff to relieve this disease. It is based on the fact that some dairy products like yogurt are basically good for the digestive system. So, is it true that curd is okay to consume when you have piles? Or is it just a myth? Here is the answer.

Milk products contain gas

There is a problem commonly experienced by people particularly those who are sensitive to the milk products during hemorrhoids. They find their stomach bloated and full of gas. Sometimes, it just makes the stomach feel not comfortable and even really painful.

Well, the hemorrhoid patients are in a quite similar condition with people with a certain milk allergy. Therefore, they may feel uncomfortable and painful more in their stomach areas.

Therefore, any dairy product including curd is better to avoid. It is reasonable also if curd is even included in foods to avoid when you have hemorrhoids.

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Curd is the source of fat

Curd is good for piles; the statement is not true for another reason. It is due to the fat contained in it. In general, fatty foods are prohibited for piles since the substance basically can only be digested slowly.

It just slows down the performance of your digestive system and makes the hemorrhoid is getting worse. Even for normal people, fat is able to make them suffer from constipation.

Meanwhile, most of the hemorrhoid cases are indeed caused by too much consumption of fat without being balanced with fiber and exercise.

How to get fat nutrition aside from milk and curd?

Fat is indeed bad for piles but undeniably, your body may still need it for other necessities. So, how is it to solve the problem?

Interestingly, there are some food ingredients with fat content but it is still recommended for piles. Nuts are some of them.

It is because nuts also have good fiber content to balance the fat. In some types of nuts, the fiber content is even bigger than fat. That’s why; it is so good for your hemorrhoid problems.

Something not to forget is about the more fiber consumption. The nutrition comes from fruits and vegetables. Make sure to consult all things to consume with your doctor to avoid any misunderstanding including; the eating curd is good for piles.

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