3 Main Reasons for Diarrhea after Returning from Mexico

Diarrhea after returning from Mexico, what are the causes? Before finding the main reasons why such things can happen, you should know what actually diarrhea is. Diarrhea is a condition where you feel really painful in your stomach causing you to want to defecate too often.

Meanwhile, the feces also tend to be watery. Some factors that cause diarrhea are bacteria, viruses, and fungi infections. Uniquely, many people suddenly suffer from diarrhea after traveling, including from Mexico. How can it be? Here are some reasons?

Eating Unhealthy Foods Cause Diarrhea After Returning From Mexico

You should not simply judge the place you are visiting. All the places are good although they are probably dirty and causing problems. One thing you must evaluate first when suffering from diarrhea after traveling is what you eat.

Of course, traveling may not feel complete without tasting local foods. Moreover, street foods offered to look tasty as well. So, if you think you are eating in a place in which hygiene is not guaranteed, it can be the main cause of you getting diarrhea.

Okay, you may also claim that the foods you are eating in Mexico are provided in a good, clean, and even expensive restaurant. So, why is it still diarrhea? Another factor can be the ingredients of the foods.

Probably, you are allergic to a certain ingredient or food but you just don’t realize it. Maybe, it is not the food you commonly eat. Your digestive system can simply reach with the “stranger” that comes in. Consequently, you experience diarrhea after returning from Mexico.

Weather and Temperature

So, where are you from? If you are coming from Alaska or other non-tropical areas, it is very reasonable if you suffer from diarrhea after that. Many areas in Mexico are tropical with a rainy and dry season. The temperature also tends to be higher than in many other places.

The change of temperature from high to low and vice versa in sudden indeed often causes health problems. One of them is diarrhea. So, you can take a look at your condition.

If you have diarrhea along with fever and others, there is a high possibility that it is caused by the sudden change of weather and temperature suddenly experienced by your body. Make sure to go to the hospital or clinic for vitamins and further diagnosis.

Swimming and Splashing

As it has been mentioned above, Mexico is a tropical area. Of course, visiting a tropical country seems not complete without playing in the water whether it is on the beach or in the swimming pool. But well, it becomes the next reason for you being suffered from diarrhea.

There are some types of germs known to grow and multiply in the water. One of them is Cryptosporidium and Giardia, types of germ that cause diarrhea.

They are also not easily cleaned with chlorine. In case the germs are attached to your mouth and then swollen, this is how diarrhea comes from. The infection is even longer than other causes of diarrhea after returning from Mexico; up to 3 weeks.

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