Best Food Diet For Hemorrhoid Sufferers: These What Should You Eat

Consuming anything that best diet for hemorrhoids sufferers can help you in reducing the inconvenience, relieving pain also during treatment. And below some best food that good for your hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid is one of the health problems which is suffered by most modern people. It is because modern people mostly involve sitting for a long time in their daily activities, especially during work.

Correlation Diet and Hemorrhoids

A bad dietary habit can also trigger this disease. In order to prevent inflammation or swelling in hemorrhoids, the health experts suggest taking care of foods to avoid with hemorrhoids in your daily meal. For a more healthy life, it is better to know the recipes by combining liquid diet for hemorrhoids and home remedies as home piles treatment.

What Nutrient Should Consume During Hemorrhoids Treatment?

The big concern about diet during hemorrhoids is fiber. Besides other substances such as vitamin, fat, protein, a carb that useful for your body intake; Fiber is an important nutrient that affects your stool during a bowel movement. The softer the stool the easier it is to defecate and reducing pain.

To reduce pain when hemorrhoids, then you must consume the following types of food.

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natural hemorrhoids cure: What Should You Eat!

What Best Food for Hemorrhoids Treatment?

Here are the foods that should be on a diet for piles patients.

Whole Grains

Consuming whole grains or whole wheat such as whole grain cereals or wheat pasta. Those foods contain a lot of fibers which are good for hemorrhoid and relieving the pain when defecating. So, for you who suffer from this disease, you can consume whole grain cereals for your breakfast menu.


This vegetable is high in vitamins, minerals, and fibers. The fibers contained in broccoli are helpful to support the work of the digestive system so that the inflammation in hemorrhoids can be prevented. You are able to add broccoli to your vegetable salad.

Limes and Gingers

The combination of limes and gingers is also suggested to be consumed by hemorrhoid sufferers. The health experts suggest the hemorrhoid sufferers drink it when it is warm at least twice a day.

Besides relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids, drinking limes and gingers can also prevent dehydration; a condition that can cause hemorrhoids or piles.


Papaya contains a lot of fibers so that this fruit is really good for the health of the digestive system. Papaya is also considered as one of the solutions to overcome constipation. Read also: Bleeding Hemorrhoids Food to Avoid If you have a severe symptom.

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As you probably already know, constipation is able to make hemorrhoids even more severe. By regularly consuming papaya, you will be able to effectively heal both constipation and hemorrhoid.

Brown Rice

Brown rice contains Vitamin B6, phosphor, and selenium that can help to overcome hemorrhoids and also relieve the symptoms of the disease. This is why it will be better for the people who are suffering from hemorrhoids to consume brown rice instead of white rice. Moreover, brown rice contains more fibers than white rice.

Actually not only the above food list but you should also take care of hemorrhoids. You can also find the answer if banana good for piles here. But you also need to know the correlation between hemorrhoids and eggs during the treatment.

Those are the foods that are recommended to be on the hemorrhoid sufferers diet. Do not forget not to consume foods to avoid with hemorrhoids moreover its bleeding and understand another what food trigger piles so that the disease does not relapse or becomes more severe.

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