Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own? Important Facts You Must Know!

Do hemorrhoids go away on their own? There are bad and good responses to that question. The bad part is that hemorrhoids won’t go away by themselves. They have to be treated before they can disappear.

What Time Needed for Hemorrhoids Go Away?

Actually the time for hemorrhoids goes away (healing or shrinking) depends on many factors some of which is the frequency of physical activity or movement of the patient that affects the bowel movements during hemorrhoids, how long you sit at one time period.

The daily diet also affects how long hemorrhoids will shrink or disappear. Because of the food effect on constipation. Effect of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and the use of laxatives be another cause of how quickly heal hemorrhoids.

hemorrhoids image in rectum

What are hemorrhoids: an image of swelling blood vessel in the rectum that happens in internal or external

Time Lasts If Hemorrhoids Untreated

The untreated hemorrhoids will not go completely on their own. The external hemorrhoids will last in uncertain times if you don’t heal it soon. In fact, they may worsen and trigger unwanted complications if proper treatment is not done to remove them. And at least you know how long does a thrombosed hemorrhoid takes to go away with any treatment.

The good part is that hemorrhoids treatments are not necessarily painful, difficult and costly. In order to reduce pain, you can use the best seat cushion for hemorrhoids. As long as you are committed to getting rid of your hemorrhoids, you can always find a reliable treatment to remove the piles permanently.

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own?

can hemorrhoids ever go away on their own

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are varicose veins that occur in the lower rectum or anus. The swelling may occur inside the anus and may also extrude outward through the anus. Hemorrhoids cause pain that is often unbearable when the swelling is exposed to pressure.

How the Look and Feel of Hemorrhoids?

Viewed from hemorrhoids appearance, then it can be divided into:

  • Internal Hemorrhoids: The presence of hemorrhoids inside the anus and can not be seen physically from outside the body. However, these types of hemorrhoids can develop into external hemorrhoids or as prolapsed piles.
  • External Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids those shape can be seen from the outside of the body because it is located on the outside of the anus. These types of hemorrhoids felt pain, bleeding can occur and often itchy.

Although hemorrhoids are not easily seen, it can easily be felt as itching, pain, burning hot, uncomfortable, until bleeding.

Why Can Become a Severe Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can become worse with the occurrence of swelling. The swelling might be pressured during a bowel movement, when standing or when sitting.

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If the swelling is aggravated by friction, especially during a bowel movement, it might be wounded, triggering bleeding which is often heavy.

Because the wound is located in the rectum or anal canal where feces is excreted, an infection may occur if wounded hemorrhoids are not properly treated. Some people also asking if hemorrhoids can cause gas and bloating.

Benefit To Make Hemorrhoids To Go Away With Best Treatment

Can hemorrhoids go away on their own? Of course not, but with natural treatment for hemorrhoids or medical, you can get rid of piles away.

There is some treatment when you are dealing with hemorrhoids. But you need to treat if carefully. Why should you treat your hemorrhoids promptly and properly?

There are several obvious reasons why treating your hemorrhoids as soon as possible and in the best possible way will be beneficial for you.

  1. Hemorrhoids treatment saves you from unbearable suffering. Hemorrhoids are unquestionably painful. With hemorrhoids in your rectum, bowel movement will be the most painful experience that you can have. Sitting, standing, any poses that you use will feel less comfortable. By treating the swelling before it gets worse, you can avoid such unnecessary suffering.
  2. By treating your hemorrhoids, your life will be more productive. It has been a common understanding that the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids has made its sufferers less active. Office workers who have to sit in front of their desks will be irritated by the swelling that grows in their rectum. Most of the time, people with hemorrhoids decide to take rest until they can remove the swelling, rendering them unproductive. Proper treatment of hemorrhoids will prevent this mishap from ever happening. And how fast do hemorrhoids go away, it depends on how you apply the treatment.
  3. Early treatment of hemorrhoids is much cheaper and easier than treatment is done when the condition has gotten worse. Do hemorrhoids go away completely on their own without treatment? No. In fact, they get worse. Most diseases will be more expensive to cure if they already get worse. Hemorrhoids are the same. If you treat them as early as possible, you may only need to use topical drugs, which are cheap. If bleeding or infection have occurred, you will also need to take antibiotics and painkiller. Hemorrhoids of early grades are also easier and faster to disappear than those of later grades.

Early treatment of hemorrhoids will save you from losing your valuable time, money, energy, and career.

However, you have to make sure that the treatment is not only prompt but also correct. You will read below some of the most effective treatments to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently.

How To Make Hemorrhoids Go Away Effectively?

As you know that hemorrhoids will not go away naturally without getting a curing method properly. There are several ways to treat hemorrhoids.

You can prevent them from occurring and if they already occur, you can attempt at getting rid of them. The following are several hemorrhoids that are known to be effective.

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Preventive treatment

The best way to treat hemorrhoids is by preventing them from occurring. Although the exact cause of hemorrhoids is still unknown, there are some factors that are known to increase the risk of this condition, including fiber deficiency, lack of exercise, too much sitting, constipation, and diarrhea. Taking care of what foods to avoid with hemorrhoids.

Certain medical conditions, such as cough, pregnancy, and obesity, are also known to be hemorrhoids’ risk factors. By understanding the causes of hemorrhoids, you can take the right measures to prevent the condition from ever occurring.

If you already suffer from the condition, do hemorrhoids go away if you take this preventive measure? If the condition has not been too severe, nutritional and lifestyle improvements that you do might be able to make your hemorrhoids disappear.

Topical treatment

There are several topical remedies that are known to be effective in assisting the treatment of hemorrhoids.

A topical drug for hemorrhoids may contain different active ingredients, including steroid, which decreases inflammation and shrinks the swelling; lidocaine, which numbs pain; epinephrine, which narrows blood vessels; and zinc oxide, which protects the skin.

The use of those ingredients, however, is not without risk. Excessive use of steroids, for example, may cause the skin to thin, thereby increasing the risk of wounding and infection.

Natural treatment

People with hemorrhoids who prefer all-natural solutions can use certain herbs and plants that contain active ingredients. The usage of essential oils for removing hemorrhoids is very popular nowadays.

Some examples of herbs that can be used to treat hemorrhoids include witch hazel for shrinking piles, which soothes the itchy and painful sensation of the swollen area; butcher’s broom, which reduces inflammation.

It is a good alternative for hydrocortisone and other steroids; and calendula oil, tea tree oil good for hemorrhoids, which heals wound.

Another natural treatment for hemorrhoids is apple cider vinegar (ACV).

Clinical procedures

There are several clinical procedures that are known to be effective for killing the lump and allowing it to fall on its own.

Rubber band ligation onto internal hemorrhoids will cut off blood supply and allow the lump to wither; cauterization procedure burns the lump and allows it to fall, and sclerotherapy destroys the vein wall.

The lump can also be removed using hemorrhoids surgical procedures.


When you reach this point, you may want to answer that there is actually a possibility that hemorrhoids can go away on their own, provided that you use the right treatment to let them wither and fall.

Mild hemorrhoids of grade 1 or 2 might disappear on their own if you improve your lifestyle. If the swelling has become severe, there are clinical treatments that you can undergo to kill the lump and to let it wither and fall.

With no treatment, it is almost impossible for hemorrhoids to disappear on their own, but with prompt and proper treatment, you can find out how long it takes for hemorrhoids to go away.

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