How Fast Does Preparation H Shrink Hemorrhoids? It Feels Good With Witch Hazel On Hole

Does Preparation H Cure Hemorrhoids – Preparation H becomes one of the best ways to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly and permanently. Because, when someone suffers from hemorrhoids, how to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly and permanently becomes a much-needed option. And below preparation h for hemorrhoids reviews, you can read.

Does Preparation H Cure Hemorrhoids

how to cure hemorrhoids at home fast

What is Hemorrhoid That To Be Cured By Preparation H

Hemorrhoids are enlarged in the vein in the lower rectum and swelling around the anus.

Various kinds of complaints are felt very torturing sufferers, it is often accompanied by inflammation, sore, burning sensation and sometimes there is bleeding. The discomfort caused by hemorrhoids is very disturbing the patient when running daily activities.

One of the hemorrhoids treatment that you can count on and has been done by many other patients is by applying Preparation H on your hemorrhoids.

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What Preparation H

Preparation H is a well-known name in the treatment of hemorrhoids. This is a brand created by Pfizer. These hemorrhoid medicines are classified into Over the Counter medicine or know as OTC, which means you can get it in a pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor.

Product Form of Preparation H

What Product form of Preparation h? Pfizer makes various products with brand Preparation H to treat hemorrhoids, and you can choose according to the needs, including :

  1. Lidocaine cream
  2. Ointment
  3. Pain relieve cream
  4. Suppositories
  5. Medicated wipes
  6. Cooling gel
  7. Anti-itch cream
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Each product has an advantage in dealing with symptoms of internal and external hemorrhoids, such as soothing from itching, cooling from burning sensation, avoiding skin irritation, etc.

Does Preparation H Cure Hemorrhoids

Preparation H cures hemorrhoids symptoms very efficaciously but does not eliminate the overall hemorrhoids. Due to the nature of hemorrhoid symptoms that come and go.

Healing of whole hemorrhoids can only be done by a series of combinations of treatments against hemorrhoids. Treatment of hemorrhoids with stapling, hemorrhoids surgery, ligation and should be accompanied by healthy lifestyle changes.

Does Preparation H Shrink Hemorrhoids?

Preparation H can shrink the hemorrhoids by soothing the swollen tissue around the outside of the anus, that it will relieve external and internal discomfort. Especially for the use of Preparation H types of ointment and suppositories

How Does Preparation H Suppositories Work?

Preparation H works by absorbing nutritious substances against hemorrhoids into the skin, such as vitamin E, pramoxine, aloe vera that can soothe with the relief of pain, burning, discomfort, and itching.

How Long Does Preparation H Take To Work On Internal Hemorrhoids?

The length of time for Preparation H to remove internal and external hemorrhoids is not the same for each case or patient. This is because of some factors such as severe levels of hemorrhoid disease, regularity in applying medicine, and lifestyle. (Read: How long does it take for hemorrhoid to shrink)

How To Use Preparation H

Each of the Preparation H products has different ways of prescribing the drug to internal and external hemorrhoids.

As sample :

  1. Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream is applied externally around the affected area. Read how to relieve hemorrhoid pain for more information.
  2. The ointment is used for internal by inserting the applicator into the rectum about ½ inch.
  3. Suppositories for internal by inserting one suppository into the rectum for about 1 inch for adults.
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Watch this how-to-use Preparation H video to cure your hemorrhoids :

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