15 Fast-Made Breakfast Ideas On The Go When Hurry for Work or School

If your morning is hectic every day, then these easy breakfast ideas on the go for work or easy healthy morning meal recipes for kids go to school are good to try without leaving its taste.

Clamor in the morning when preparing to leave for work or children going to school is a common situation in many households. And breakfast is one of the routine activities that become a clamor in the kitchen. And below you can see a high protein breakfast foods list that you can make for morning preparation or for a quick grab and go meal.

10 Easy Breakfast Ideas On The Go When Hurry for Work or School

Preparing grab and go breakfast ideas for schools for your kids or husband go to work are deserved to try. Having heart-healthy foods list to make recipes also good are not only fast to cook but also provide important nutrients for the body and support full-day activities.

Healthy Grab and Go Breakfast Ideas

The following healthy breakfast ideas help you to ease the morning routine. And the meal can help kids keep full until lunch. You can use these good breakfast ideas with little ingredients when you are in a hurry.

1. Healthy Breakfast With Eggs Muffins

easy breakfast ideas on the go with muffin

Making easy breakfast ideas with eggs is still a popular one. The thought is simple, it contains a lot of good nutrients for adults and kid’s body. And this recipe is a combination between egg and vegetable in the shape of a muffin.

You can eat this healthy menu for breakfast, before a workout, school lunch, lunch at work, even for dinner. The combination of all ingredient, accommodate all the nutritional values in this menu.

Making this easy breakfast idea for a crowd, though using some fresh ingredients, can be done quickly. The most important thing is that you can make this healthy breakfast with eggs on the go in no time.


2. Oatmeal Breakfast On The Go

Oatmeal Breakfast On The Go

Who doesn’t like oatmeal for breakfast? Adults or children naturally like breakfast that can be prepared quickly.

As in this healthy breakfast quick recipe that can be made using a few or many types of ingredients. Or you can make various combinations with a variety of different ingredients for each breakfast.

This fast breakfast menu is not only refreshing but also provides high nutrition for protein and vitamins.


3. Big Sandwiches Breakfast

Now it’s the turn of the great breakfast ideas with simple but complete and filling ingredients. Although using a filling material, but the bacon meal prep process does not require a lot of time.

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Like making a sandwich, but this time using different ingredients and give a more savory and delicious taste. With a menu like this, it is certain that you will still feel full until lunch.


4. Enchiladas Breakfast On The Go

Enchiladas Breakfast On The Go

This is another filling breakfast menu with ingredients to provide nutrients in the form of protein and high calories. This menu is perfect for you who have enough physical activity during the day.

Your breakfast will no longer be boring because this meal gives you a delicious and pleasant morning taste. Another Mexican food is easy healthy breakfast burritos that is so popular for a morning meal before working for grand and go.


5. Quick Sandwich Avocado Morning Energy Breakfast

Quick Sandwich Avocado Morning Meal

Who would deny that a sandwich is an on-the-go breakfast menu that is very simple in preparation but has very useful content to fulfill the energy in the morning.

There are so many combinations of sandwich contents such as meat, chicken, fish to fruits like in this recipe. This energy breakfast menu only requires three ingredients to make it. Without reducing the delicious taste, but makes your morning excited.


6. Scrambled Egg Bean Busy Morning Breakfast

Scrumbled Egg Bean Busy Morning breakfast

The morning rush doesn’t mean you have to forget about breakfast even with a healthy menu. If you always have a busy morning every day, then you can simply make scrambled eggs which are then added to other ingredients as a filler.

You do not need to bother thinking about what ingredients are suitable as fillers. Simply you provide the types of beans, both in canned form, or fresh vegetables. You can mix the ingredients into the egg mixture.

If you like cheese, then this ingredient is very suitable as an important nutrient that provides lots of protein and minerals, especially on a morning full of activity.


7. Healthy Breakfast For Kids with Muffin

Muffin Morning Busy Breakfast

Yes, muffins. Most people from kids to adults love muffin. And this muffin is so special for breakfast with all the ingredients. This healthy breakfast recipe is filled with refreshing ingredients but provides adequate nutrition and calories as a starting point.

Not only are the valuable ingredients, but they also provide a refreshing taste and easily packable breakfasts to eat.


8. Fast Potato Toast Breakfast

fast potato toast breakfast

It is not only about bread, eggs, fish or meat as the above recipes. This time it’s the turn of sweet potatoes which are used as the basic ingredients for breakfast when you are in a hurry.

The way to make it is very simple, I’m very interested to try it. But I will change the topping ingredients slightly, even though I myself like the toppings from this recipe.

The nutritional content is quite adequate and can even help you feel full until lunchtime.

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9. Healthy Breakfast For Weight Loss with Fruit Crepes

breakfast meal prep ideas for weight loss

It could be one of healthy on the go breakfast for weight loss if you are in that program. From its website, this recipe is included in one of the Paleo recipes that are used to lose weight and protect the body from disease.

You can make a combination of ingredients that are used to suit your desires, especially if you are not on the Paleo diet program. From the ingredients seen, this menu can be eaten in unlimited quantities without increasing weight.

For me, the appearance of this menu is very interesting and evocative to chew because it is refreshing in the presence of strawberries, … yummy.


10. Feeling Full Morning Breakfast

heart Healthy Feeling Full Morning Breakfast

Maybe you can think this menu is suitable for heart health, maybe it’s also true. But certainly, this breakfast can make you full because the content of this ingredient is quite full of protein and calories.

Only with a total cooking time under 20 minutes, you can get easy breakfast ideas on the go with enough complete ingredients, even like you will have dinner. Actually I really like this menu, it feels very nice, fleshy, fatty and tastes delicious on the tongue.

11. Fast Morning Recipe of Egg and Biscuit Combination

The combination of sausages, eggs, cheese and biscuits is a very full blend of nutrition. And when you make it, you don’t need hours to get breakfast ready to be brought and eaten. The ingredients that are prepared also don’t have to make you have to shop big monthly.

12. A Boost Energy From Banan and Peanut Butter

Maybe you still look at the banana trivially. But unexpectedly, bananas combined with peanut butter can provide excellent energy to start your morning. Even you can make it only in a short time, especially when you have to hurry to catch a train or bus.

13. Quinoa Chia Prridge

fast quinoa chia prridge breakfast recipe
Many people prefer porridge in the morning for breakfast with the pleasure of chewing it more easily. But this time the porridge menu out of a combination of quinoa chia porridge became your menu which of course gave a high protein and vitamin intake.

14. Zucchini and Oatmeal

zucchini oatmeal breakfast
The combination of vegetables and oatmeal is very good to provide good nutrition, especially in the morning. You can combine zucchini and oatmeal in a fast way. Adding peanuts on the surface provides an important energy contribution when starting an activity.

15. Cake Cup of Banana and Oatmeal

banana oatmeal cup cake
When you need a light breakfast menu, it is also easy to carry and pack, this menu is suitable for you. By making a cake cup with a combination of bananas, zucchini and oatmeal, you can eat the breakfast anywhere, both on the way to the office.

Those are all easy healthy breakfast recipes grab and go when you are hurry or busy every morning.

9 thoughts on “15 Fast-Made Breakfast Ideas On The Go When Hurry for Work or School

  1. Indya | The Small Adventurer

    I am a HUGE fan of breakfast foods (not just for breakfast, either!) so I am definitely going to keep some of these in mind to try at a later date! I usually go for something simple like toast or cereal, but these have inspired me to take a bit more time with my food. It’s been way too long since I’ve had a homemade egg muffin, but I’m thinking first up I’ll make some crepes 😋

  2. Aditi

    I’m a morning person and I usually have an early dinner so most mornings I’m waking up hungry and breakfast is something that has to be quick and satisfying! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful options here! My favourite is banana and peanut butter smoothie/shake!

  3. Kemi

    Love all of these. I’m a huge smoothie bowl person and love mixing all sorts of fruits, chocolate and nuts in it. very filling and quenches my sweet tooth…somewhat.

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Thanks for collating these breakfast ideas! Now that we are all working from home, we can enjoy a “real” breakfast. I have bookmarked this page and I am going to make each and every one of these breakfast ideas for sure.

  5. Clarice

    Love these ideas! No matter how we try to have everything prepared, there are really days when you just have to hurry to the point that you have to skip breakfast or just grab something to go. These egg muffins look really delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe.


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