10 Easy Healthy Things To Eat With Guacamole for Breakfast Ideas that Are Filling

There are many unique features of avocado that make these ten easy healthy breakfast avocado dishes excellent for your family’s breakfast. Avocado is not as sweet and fresh as most fruits, but its creamy texture and pleasant aroma make it an excellent ingredient for both drinks and meals.

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It blends well with beverages like milk and juice and it also blends well eggs, meat, and other foods. Avocado is also rich in nutrients and antioxidants, making it great for a breakfast that is both filling and nourishing. These are perfect on the go breakfast ideas to make and grab for work or school. Check out the following 10 breakfast avocado recipes that will make your mouth water and nourish your body.

Healthy Avocado Toast Egg Vegan

pic avocado toast egg vegan menu recipe
Toast has long been a staple for breakfast because it is easy and quick to prepare. If you regularly layer toast with fried egg—or bacon—only, adding mashed avocado to it will truly make a big difference.

You can add your avocado to your bare toast-egg dish or ditch the cholesterol-rich bacon and replace it with the much healthier avocado. The unique features of the avocado will give the toast a pleasant aroma, pleasurable taste, and satisfying texture. As an alternative, you can use easy healthy breakfast burrito ideas to replace the toast.


Avocado Vegan

Avocado has always been the vegans’ favored alternative for any meaty and creamy ingredients. You have read above about how great mashed avocado can be for adding another layer of flavor and texture to a toast.

If you are a vegan, you will certainly avoid the egg. If you want to do so, this recipe can be great for you as it blends a layer of toast, a layer of mashed avocado, and another layer of vegan ingredients, which include protein-rich white beans, cherry tomatoes, and grapes.


Avocado Low Carb

pic avocado low carb
Going low carb, now it’s time for you to ditch the toast and to use your avocado as the primary element of your dish. The versatility of avocado makes it an excellent choice for all kinds of vegan, low-fat, and low-carb diet.

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The shape of the fruit, when cutting in half, also helps with the preparation because you can simply remove the seed and fill the cavity with anything you like. If you want to go low carb, ingredients like bacon and melted cheese are the best to fill that cavity.


Avocado Keto

image avocado keto recipe for breakfast
With only 2 grams of protein and 9 grams of carbs, avocado is often dubbed as not suitable for a keto diet; however, the fact is that 7 of those 9 grams of carbs are fiber, so only 2 grams are real carbs, making avocado an excellent low-carb ingredient.

Besides, avocado is also rich in good fats. If you want to prepare a keto breakfast with avocado, you can fortify your dish’s protein and fat content by adding pure-protein ingredients, which—in this recipe—include eggs and bacon.


Avocado Sandwich

image avocado sandwich
A sandwich tastes better if you have a layer of fried egg or meat in it, but what if you want to avoid any animal-based ingredients? This easy healthy breakfast avocado sandwich can be an alternative.

You can use the regular vegetable layers of a sandwich, which in this recipe include only fresh sliced cucumbers. Sliced avocados then step in to replace the creamy meat and egg, making the entire breakfast sandwich energizing without flooding your body with unhealthy calories.

Two types of cheese are also used to improve the taste and the creamy texture of the sandwich.


Avocado Bowl

image avocado bowl
For real eaters, this avocado bowl might be the real breakfast because it uses a variety of ingredients that are placed in a real food container, which is a bowl.

The variation is real as the dish includes avocado and a bunch more ingredients that make up the dish’s complex carbs, healthy fats, and protein contents.

If you are not in a particular diet but you want to make sure that you eat only healthy foods, this avocado bowl, with so many optional recipes included, is the best breakfast for you and your family.

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Avocado Omelet

image avocado omelette
An avocado omelet is an excellent breakfast for people loving creamy foods. Every ingredient of this dish feels creamy and juicy in your mouth.

You have a fried mixture of egg whites and milk in it, goat cheese dressing, and your prized avocado ingredient.

When the fried egg is folded with the avocado filling snugly contained within, a bite of the egg crust will give away a wonderful sensation of the crunchy outside and creamy inside. Everyone in your family will certainly love this dish served during their breakfast.


Avocado Smoothie

image Avocado Smoothie
Vegans avoid meat and keto dieters embrace protein wholeheartedly. If you need an avocado dish that serves both well, this avocado smoothie is a great choice. It is rich in protein, but it doesn’t include any animal-based ingredients.

This smoothie is also satisfying and satiating enough for breakfast as it includes only nutrient-rich ingredients. Smoothies and juices are generally tasteless, but the addition of avocado, which has pleasant aroma and taste, make it a pleasurable drink for a quick and healthy breakfast.


Avocado Bagel

image avocado bagel
The ring-shaped bread roll is one of the very few snacks that are considered appropriate breakfast dishes. If you want to enjoy a quick breakfast with a bagel, try to layer it with mashed avocado and smoked salmon, which this recipe recommends.

The blend of the three ingredients creates a unique taste and flavor that you will certainly love. Some extra ingredients and seasonings will further enhance its flavor and texture.


Avocado Salmon

image avocado salmon
Grilled salmon is perhaps one of the most favored breakfast dishes due to its flavor. Grilled salmon is generally served with some extra ingredients that enhance its aroma, taste, and texture.

If avocado cubes are among these ingredients, you will have a breakfast that is truly special because the avocado’s meaty texture will make a perfect balance for the grilled salmon’s texture.


The avocado cubes can be a part of a spicy salsa that also includes tomatoes and shallots. The entire combination makes up an excellent easy healthy breakfast avocado dish that your palate cannot refuse.

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