10 BEST How Many Calories Carbs In A Breakfast Burrito Menu to Consider in Morning

The 10 easy healthy breakfast burrito recipes ideas that you will see below will make your breakfast routine the easiest, the healthiest, and the most delicious one to prepare. When you are rushed to your workplace, A burrito is the easiest breakfast to snatch because it is freezer-friendly and doesn’t require complex preparation.

image easy healthy brakfast burritos recipes

image easy healthy breakfast burritos recipes

What to serve with breakfast burritos? A burrito is also generally protein-laden and a protein-laden breakfast is good for health and weight loss. It is one option of your easy healthy breakfast ideas for work that you can make in the morning. When it comes to taste, you should already know that few foods beat the taste of a tasty and mouth-watering burrito.

Vegan Breakfast Burrito

veggie burrito breakfast easy to make

image veggie burrito breakfast easy to make

A veggie burrito sufficiently provides you with all essential nutrients that you require in a breakfast: carb from its tortilla, protein and healthy fats from its eggs, beans, and cheese, and the obvious vitamin and mineral-laden veggies.

Its calories give you enough fuel to kick-start a busy day before you need another lunchtime refueling. If properly wrapped, the burrito can stay in a freezer for three months and only need brief reheating to prepare. You can alternate it with other burritos or other breakfast recipes that you like for variation.


Burrito Bowl

burrito bowl breakfast idea recipe

This Mexican burrito bowl is another quick, easy, and healthy breakfast that you can enjoy every morning or alternately with other breakfast recipes. This burrito is colorful both in appearance and taste.

The combination of green and fresh avocado and lettuce, brown rice, smoky black beans, corn, tomato salsa, and mushrooms creates a colorful blend that is nice to look at, pleasurable to taste, nourishing, and satiating.

Because this burrito is made entirely from plants and herbs, it is also a great option for people trying to avoid animal-based ingredients.


Breakfast Burrito Recipe Potato

making potato burritos

Vegetarian breakfast burrito with potatoes. The big variety of ingredients of a burrito often daunts people, especially the busy ones, from preparing one. With this potato burrito recipe, you don’t have to worry about whether your burrito should be pleasurable or boring.

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With only 4 ingredients, which include chorizo, potato, egg, and flour tortillas to wrap them up. You can create either burritos or tacos, or both, depending on the size of the tortillas you use.

This versatile burrito is easy to make and doesn’t look and taste boring, despite its lack of ingredient variation. Of course, you can always add extra ingredients like tomato salsa or shredded cheese to it.


Beef Burrito

For many people, the best breakfast is the satiating one, the one that entirely removes your hunger before you depart from home. For those looking for a filling burrito, this beef burrito is a great choice.

Its primary ingredients include beef and rice, the combination of which is well-known for its filling effect. Now comes the extra ingredients.

Besides the beef filling and rice, which can be either brown or white, you will also add cheese, coriander, corn, black beans, and some greens to it. They will give extra taste and nutrition to your breakfast.


Chicken Burrito

chicken burrito easy recipe for morning meal
A dish that uses only chicken as its primary ingredient often has a problem with flavor because chicken meat often feels relatively bland inside.

A chicken burrito uses slow-cooked chicken that makes sure that the flavors and aromas of the seasonings are spread evenly throughout the meat. The slow-cooking method also makes the texture feel more pleasant.

If you want to experiment with chicken when making burritos or if you are eliminating red meat from your diet, this chicken burrito is one of the easy healthy breakfast burritos that you should try.


Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos Bacon

bacon burrito good for keto meal

bacon burrito good for keto meal

Bbreakfast burrito recipe with bacon. Keto dieters generally stay away from tacos and burritos because—despite their protein-rich fillings—they often use rice and other carbs in their fillings as well as the indispensable tortilla.

If you are doing a low-carb diet, a burrito is not a no-no if you can prepare a low-carb one. Without using a tortilla, you can wrap your burrito with bacon and flathead tortilla, which is made from a variety of ingredients that include some type of low-carb flour.

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Breakfast Burrito Recipe Freezable / Frozen Burrito

frozen burrito meal prep for breakfast

One reason why you choose burrito—or pizza and other similar dishes—for your breakfast is because it is freezer-friendly. You can store it in your freezer for months and you only need to reheat it briefly before every serving.

The cool thing about this frozen burrito is that it is not only freezer-friendly. It is also very easy and cheap to make because it includes easy and cheap ingredients that are commonly available in the kitchen, such as eggs and sausages.


Burrito Smothered

Almost every burrito has a folded tortilla as its outermost layer. The idea is that you can bite the crusty bread to reveal the juicy, flavorful, and colorful fillings.

Some people, however, don’t truly like the dry tortilla, especially if the burrito has been stored in the freezer for days, making the tortilla unpleasantly hard and stiff.

If you want to keep the tortilla soft and moist, you can smother your burrito with another layer of enchilada sauce and cheese. You will love this burrito if you fancy the juicy texture outside and inside.


Steak Burrito

A delicious and satiating burrito doesn’t necessarily need to use ground beef. If you love the sensation of biting a whole beef cut or the softer minced beef, this steak burrito is an excellent choice.

Once prepared, the mouthwatering beef cuts will peek out inside the tortilla from between the other ingredients, which generally include cilantro-lime rice, Pico de Gallo, and a combination of beans and sour cream.

Because you are using beef cuts, you need to marinate them thoroughly to maintain their perfect taste and texture.


Burrito Casserole Idea for Breakfast

burrito casserole

burrito casserole just need 10 minutes for prep meal

The best thing about burrito casserole lies in the sensation of feeling the wonderfully juicy casserole inside after you bite the crusty tortilla.

The casserole is the most complicated part of this burrito preparation, but you don’t have to worry about it because sautéing beef and the necessary seasonings are generally easier done than said. Once the casserole is well-cooked, the rest is just easiness.

The burrito is prepared using the baking procedure to maintain its freshness and juiciness. Once done, enjoy your easy healthy breakfast burritos with a delicious pasta sauce.


Those all some simple breakfast burritos ideas you can cook every morning if you are hurry for work, school or college.

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