Can I Use Epsom Salt Soaking For Hemorrhoids? Is It Good To Help The Piles?

How to cure hemorrhoids at home fast? One way of external hemorrhoids treatment with the effective results to reduce pain is by using Epsom salt for hemorrhoids for sitz bath. It can be chosen for all of you who want to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids in a natural way. It has been known for a long time if Epsom salt can help to soak hemorrhoids in order to relieve pain, clean the anus.

How To Cure Piles Permanently At Home?

What are hemorrhoid symptoms? Hemorrhoids or people also called piles is known as a swelling vein on anus or lower rectum. Sometimes it is inflamed, hot burning, itching, or bleeding as the sign if you have hemorrhoids.

The cause of piles can be straining during a bowel movement, pregnancy, age, constipation, and some others. Some people use Epsom salt to relieve the pain and they say it works well.

Here a brief explanation about Epsom salt for hemorrhoids.

Epsom Salt for Hemorrhoids and Sitz Bath : Does It Work?

Benefits Epsom salts for healing and removes pain hemorrhoids[

Today you must find a solution that will give you health benefits too. That is why it is better how to relieve hemorrhoid pain by using Epsom salt at home.

What is Epsom Salt for Hemorrhoids?

Is Epsom salt good for hemorrhoids? Epsom salt has good content that helps you to relieve hemorrhoids pain and also inflammation, internally or externally. There are so many people who recommend you to use sitz warm bath For hemorrhoids Epsom salts than some other things because it is easy to find and it is easy to use.

You who are interested in using Epsom salt too can read some ways on how to use Epsom salt for healing hemorrhoids at home.

What is Epsom Salt and What the Advantage?

Epsom salt is often called magnesium sulfate. Epsom Salt is known to be used for so many purposes. There are some causes that make Epsom salt is chosen as the best home remedies for hemorrhoid. IMPORTANT TO READ: What are the differences between Epsom salt vs sea salt?

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What benefits from Epsom Salt? Actually there so many benefits of Epsom salt moreover for reduce hemorrhoids pain. It is known to use for removing aches and pain. Besides useful for treating hemorrhoid, Epsom salt also good for :

  • mom who recently give birth
  • help those who suffer urinary retention by making the urine flow to be smooth
  • reduce swelling
  • constipation
  • infection
  • ingrown nails
  • acne
  • sprained ankle
  • bruises
  • blackheads
  • weight loss
  • arthritis
  • sore muscles
  • sprains
  • reducing stress
  • eliminate toxin

You can find Epsom salt at drugstores with the price is affordable. And it is good to keep in at room temperature and avoid it from big moisture of high temperature as deformation prevention.

Does Epsom Salt Work For Hemorrhoids?

Many sufferers feel the pain of hemorrhoids reduced when using Epsom salt. The process is when dissolved in warm or hot water, Epsom salt decomposes into magnesium and sulfate.

Then the solution will be easily absorbed into the skin. The next reaction is still in question, but with a soak in warm water with a salt solution proven to reduce pain, itching, swelling, hot burning of hemorrhoids and make less discomfort.

You should try to make hemorrhoids go away and make you feel pain-free of hemorrhoids.

Can I Use Epsom Salt For Hemorrhoids
Yes, you can use Epsom salt for relieving your hemorrhoids. You can use this as one of the natural home remedies of hemorrhoids.

Sitz Bath For Hemorrhoids: What Is a Sitz Bath?

Sitz bath or also called hip bath is soaking the specific body part, especially on the part of the thigh, in a pool of warm water. These activities usually aim to reduce the pain, avoid itching, keep the hygiene body. Read this Epsom salt allergy if you have something bad reaction tho this remedy.

In order to provide maximum results, the warm or hot water is added to the saline solution or used is Epsom salt. And sitz bath with Epsom salt for hemorrhoids relieving pain, Epsom salt is the most chosen by those who suffer this disease for their internal or external hemorrhoids.

There are so other benefit and advantage to do the sitz warm bath, there are: relaxing, reducing muscle stretch, shrink the swelling skin, etc.

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Step by Step How To Use Epsom Salt For Hemorrhoids

how to use epsom salt for hemorrhoids sitz bath

how to use epsom salt for hemorrhoids sitz bath

What you need to know is how much Epsom salt for bath to your bath water but for detail steps, you can do some following steps below.

  • Clean your bathtub by using very warm water. You can add 6 inches of water and then use Epsom salt too to relieve hemorrhoids. If you need more water then you can add more water too.
  • How much Epsom salt in bath? You need a cup of Epsom salt for hemorrhoids every 6 inches of water. If you need more salt for the bathtub then you can use 2 cups of Epsom salt. It is also depending on your large of the tub such as when you use a garden tub or larger tub in your home.
  • Use your hand to mix the water and the Epsom salt. You need to wait until the Epsom salt dissolved. You should not find salt at the bottom of the tub.
  • Rinse your body with warm water and then you need to towel dry. What you need to give attention to is in the irritation area or area that is inflamed. Epsom salt will help to reduce irritation and also keep the moisture in that area.

You need to keep your body dry after you take a bath and make sure that the area that is sensitive is also dry in order to prevent serious infection.

It is so simple to use Epsom salt to cure hemorrhoids. You just need to follow on using Epsom salt with hemorrhoid above and if you don’t find a good result, what you need to do is following other tips.

You can follow the above step on how to use Epsom Salt for those who in pregnancy with hemorrhoids.

You can use topical cream and ointment. It shows a great result for you especially for you who suffer from serious hemorrhoids.

You can use corticosteroids to reduce pain and swelling. You can also use a cream with lidocaine to reduce pain. Now, you can try to do some steps on how to use a sitz bath using Epsom salt for hemorrhoids or you can try other ways.

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