What Essential Oil Is Good For Blisters On Feet? This is the List

If you read this, you may try to find out how to deal with blisters, on the feet in specific. If you happen to have one on your feet, then this reading hopefully with a guide on how to deal with that annoying feeling caused by the blisters. One of the ways of handling blisters is by using a home remedy such as essential oils for blisters on feet.

Understanding blisters on feet

The blister is a small amount of fluid that forms under the skin on areas on the body. The fluid pocket comes in different sizes and has different occurrences. Skin burn, fungal or bacterial infection, trauma or insect bite are the reasons for the blisters to happen.

If blisters show up in a certain area, it will create discomfort and even difficulty in doing daily tasks. Blisters on feet can cause difficulty when you walk, stand for a long time and also when you exercise.

Blisters on feet are common to happen, however, some home remedies can help to reduce the discomfort and prevent the probability of repeating blisters.

Causes Blister on Feet

Before we get to know about essential oils for blisters on feet it is better to know the cause of the blisters first. This way you can do some action to prevent the blister from happening again in the future.

Blisters on feet mostly caused by friction. When you walk or stand for many hours in one day the pressure on the heels, soles and also toes becomes higher.

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The longer time you spend on your feet in a day the higher risk of feeling blisters you will develop.

The other causes of blisters on your feet are the shoes that do not fit you properly. Shoes that are too tight or too loose will rub against your skin and cause friction.

Friction will cause the fluid to build under the skin. Too much moisture or perspiration can also cause blisters, this most commonly happens in warmer seasons because the sweat clogging the pores.

List of Essential Oils for Blisters

Blisters can be treated in many ways, one of them is using a home remedy. The use of essential oils for blisters on feet is one of the options worth trying.

1. Using lavender oil

Lavender becomes the first option because of its benefits which are reducing inflammation ad relieve the pain. The oil also has healing property, use it when the blister starts to be infected to stop the microbes.
In treating blisters, you can mix lavender oil with a carrier oil then apply it to the blister until it is healed.

2. Using Tea Tree Oil

Aside from treating blisters, a tea tree has been known to treat other skin problems such as sunburn, cold sores, and acne. Tea tree oil is a natural astringent that will dry out blisters and it will also prevent infection. The same with lavender oil, tea tree oil should be diluted with a carrier oil and make sure you do a patch test first.

3.Using Eucalyptus Oil

This is a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic will reduce swelling of the as well as protection for infection. To use the oil you should dilute with a carrier oil, you can keep using the oil after the blister heals to fasten the skin repairment.

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