Essential Oils for Hives and Itching: 4 Best Recommended Home Remedies

There are some best essential oils for hives that we can find at ease. It is helpful to cure some chronic skin allergies reaction that can cause itching, redness, and swelling.

Essential Oils for Hives and Itching

What Is Hives?

Hives is a symptom that occurs on the skin with signs of redness caused by several reasons. Itching that occurs on the skin and causes scars in the medical community is also known as urticaria. Signs of hives are red or pink like flesh, sometimes causing a burning and stinging pain. The cause of hives is known to be due to allergies or skin reactions to certain foods, drugs, animal or insect bites, environmental conditions around the patient.

The length of time hives appear depends on several things. However, if hives are seen for up to six weeks, these symptoms include chronic itching.

Symptoms of itching can make you feel uncomfortable, especially when you are sleeping. The use of antihistamines and anti-itch medications can relieve symptoms for some people.

Symptoms of Hives

Some of the signs of hives include:

  • Signs of reddened skin on several parts of the body.
  • The itching varies in size and shape as well as appearing and fading.
  • Intensive itching.
  • Swelling occurs usually on the lips, eyelids and in the throat.
  • The itching point is burning.

The Trigger of Hives

Itchy scars are caused by cells secreting substances such as histamine and other chemicals into your bloodstream.

Some of the triggers for hives include:

  • Scratches like scratching
  • Pressure on the skin due to certain objects
  • Hot and cold air
  • Sunshine
  • Food
  • Alcohol-like drinks
  • Infection
  • Certain drugs
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Natural Home Remedies For Hives Essential Oils

We can use these essential oils for allergic reaction hives for the symptoms. People use essential oil to treat this kind of pain as natural antihistamines also itching on their skin.

It is recommended to consult the doctor for cautious information.

Why are essential oils used as a treatment for itchy skin?

Essential oils are natural products that have long been and are well-known for use in dermatology due to their antimicrobial properties.

From a research journal written by Ané Orchard and Sandy van Vuuren, it is stated that there are 90 essential oils recommended for dermatological use and there are about 1500 combinations. It show that a lot of essential oils for protection from this natural home remedies.

Best Essential Oils for Hives And Itching

What essential oils are good for curing allergy hives? Below the ultimate guide to treating your red using natural home remedies for hives essential oils. Here are some oils presented in brief.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint includes one of the essential oils for hives recipe. It is useful for relieving some seasonal allergies that may lead to skin allergies.

Studies also prove its effect on animals. This oil shares its relaxing effect applied to smooth muscle. We can use it to reduce contractions caused by coughing.

Research also mentions the advantages of this oil. It helps to treat mental fatigue and anxiety. Both symptoms are commonly found in allergy sufferers.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is also effective in reducing allergies symptoms. It can lessen inflammatory activity that occurs in the body.

A trusted study reports that it has anti-inflammatory effects, especially in bronchitis. This illness may cause inflammation in the airways and suffer sinus infections.

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Besides, this oil works for people who suffer from asthma. Furthermore, we can take this oil to help to treat seasonal allergy symptoms.

Lemon Oil

Aside from the above-mentioned, lemon oil is also included in one of the essential oils for hives. This oil is applied for some allergic treatment.

A study finds a nasal spray with lemon-based content. It proves that lemon is beneficial in treating seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis. That is why lemon essential oil inhibits bacterial activity.

However, we have to be aware of the cautions before applying them to the skin. The citrus-based essential oils are not recommended directly to sun exposure.

This oil may cause skin problems and make it more sensitive to sunlight. It increases the risk of burning or blistering more harmful.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is also effective for one of the essential oils for hives recipe. It contains antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties as well. Thus, this oil is suitable for treating some skin allergies.

This oil helps in reducing inflammation too. The researchers find that this oil can decrease swelling if we apply it topically to the skin. We can compare it with paraffin oil.

For all types of essential oils above, you can get several brands such as Doterra or Young Living. In addition, essential oils are also used as a treatment for additional reactions from hives such as the treatment of scars, uticaria pigmentosa, anti-inflammatory and others.

However, there are some important things that we have to note. Because of its potency, this oil may affect allergic contact dermatitis. As a part of essential oils for hives, we have to use them topically only.

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