When Exercise Induced Diarrhea and How to Cure It

Some people are facing a problem in which their exercise-induced diarrhea. Although this diarrhea is considered to be a non-serious physical health problem, some people just found it very disturbing.

 how to stop exercise induced diarrhea

It is true that exercise-induced diarrhea digestive problems can really sabotage the workout session and ruin the fitness of the day when it is not really necessary.

Some people experience this diarrhea after running, working out abs, bodybuilding, cycling that comes with a stomach cramp.

And they get loose motions after stomach crunches. This physical condition needs to be fixed soon and the only thing we can do to ourselves is to watch the reason and do the prevention.

What The Causes of Exercise-Induced Diarrhea Digestive Problem?

Before we go any further, we might want to ask ourselves first, what is the main cause of digestive failure triggered by exercise?

Diarrhea is a digestive system problem which means there has to be something you’ve eaten before the exercise that causes a problem triggered by exercise.

Try to look at your daily diet menu, especially the day on which you do your regular exercise activity. In most cases, the meal that caused the problem is actually not a problem at all.

So, you have to realize that this is not always about food. This can be about how you take care of your digestive system each and every day.

Of course, regarding this exercise-induced diarrhea, the exercise is also in most cases not a problem at all. It is a normal exercise that many other practitioners do on a daily basis.

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So, to make a conclusion, exercise-induced diarrhea is a combination of serial mistakes that individually not a mistake at all.

For example, you drink coffee before you go to exercise, on the road, you gram some watermelon as your post-exercise refreshment meal.

But then after you take it, the digestive system starts to fail and you can feel the attack of diarrhea.

The diarrhea is getting worse because you, after certain exercise sessions, lose the ability to control your stomach muscles to hold diarrhea.

Another way to look at it is to the effect after the exercise itself. The exercise involves some serious physical activities that make blood flow becomes higher to the special region with which you do your exercise.

In this way, your intestine and your digestive system will actually get less blood supply. It will definitely lead to diarrhea.

As exercise-induced diarrhea treatment, you can take Pepto Bismol to get better in hours.

Preventing Diarrhea When Doing the Exercise

exercise induce diarrhea after cyclingSometimes it just feels like you really want someone else to do their business somewhere else.

This also happens in exercise triggered diarrhea. You might’ve been thinking about how on earth this diarrhea comes when I am having en exercise.

Why does this diarrhea not come when I am a little bit free?

So, in order to keep you diarrhea distance from you for a while, just do this prevention path. One simple task, do not eat anything that has a risk of diarrhea such as street food, coffee, and spice.

This will lead you to a safer mode. If you are so gasping about those types of food, just take them after the exercise. In that way, if you really have exercise-induced diarrhea, at least you have it after the workout.

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