6 Simple Foods That Improve Mood Happiness And Energetic

Happiness can be obtained from a variety of ways, one of them in a practical way such as eating certain foods. Many research results say that some types of foods that improve mood happiness. Not only makes the stomach becomes full, but eating can also provide its own satisfaction for the body. However, health experts say there are several types of mood-boosting foods that improve mood happiness, mental health, and calmness.

6 Foods That Improve Mood Happiness And Energetic


Routine eating apples every day can indeed provide many health benefits. Not only physical health, but psychological health will also increase.

As foods that improve mood happiness, the content in this fruit can also provide a calming effect on the mind, cope with stress, while increasing the body’s energy. This is a proven food that reduces stress and anxiety.


One type of sea fish that has good taste and can be processed into a variety of delicious dishes can also make us happier.

This is caused by the presence of omega 3 fatty acids in it which apparently can deal with depression effectively.

This fact was revealed in a study that published its results in a journal titled Pharmacological Research.

Banana fruit

The research titled Ara de Marderosian conducted at the University of the Sciences produced the fact that bananas can make us happier.

This is caused by the content of tryptophan which can affect the chemical balance in the brain so that ultimately makes the mood improves.

In addition, the presence of vitamin B and folic acid in fruit with a sweet taste is also proven to be able to prevent the onset of depression.

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Dark chocolate

It is common knowledge that eating chocolate is foods that improve mood happiness. It’s just that, if we consume dark chocolate, the mood will get better while dealing with stress and depression.

This is caused by the presence of very high antioxidant content in it. It is categorized as happy foods for depression that the content can improve psychological health conditions and reduce stress-causing hormones such as cortisol.


If we are deficient in vitamin D due to lack of exposure to sunlight, the risk of experiencing depression, mood disorders, and other psychological problems will increase.

For this reason, health experts advise us to compensate by consuming lots of foods with high vitamin D levels. One of the foods that improve mood happiness and can provide health benefits is mushroom.


One of the types of vegetables that we consume most often turns out to be foods that improve mood happiness or can also help us be happier, you know.

Not only high in nutrients that are good for the body, but spinach is also high in folic acid which can help reduce depression. The body will also feel more energized after consuming spinach.

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