9 Foods That Is The Only Things Make Me Happy, Motivated and Inspired Instantly

Today, it is very good to talk about foods that make you happy, bring joy and prevent depression instantly. You want to always be happy, right? Well, mood and also food are related to one another. The body of humans really responds in other ways to various kinds of food.

9 Foods That Make You Happy, Motivated and Inspired Instantly

Exactly, there is a real relationship between what you are eating and mood also how you will feel. For example, if your diet is bad, it can ruin perfectly the mood of yours. Take attention to food enhancing mood can help you more motivated and inspired.

How foods make you feel good? Food containing tryptophan is good to make you have a stable mood, comfort and inducing sleep. It is a kind of natural antidepressant food that is good to eat when you sad. Consuming happy hormones food can make you feel better after a sick or bad mood.

Actually, a mood which is so bad can damage or destroy the system of immune, get down the efforts of weight loss, and it also causes headaches.

It is very recommended to eat food and it is useful to improve mood. Having a good rest at night is also important for your good day, and eating foods that help you sleep through the night can help you for this purpose. Below are some foods that make you happy to strengthen naturally your mood.

Salmon Fish

eating salmon can make you happy

Salmon fish is actually the great booster of mood, containing important fatty acids of omega-3. Basically, you really need this nutrient for energy production, the activity of your brain, and also the circulation of your blood. By eating a fish which is fatty, the hormone dopamine which keeps your ‘mood’ happy will totally increase.

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Most of you surely like chocolate. Every day, if you eat the chocolate, your hormones of stress will be reduced, especially the cortisol. It is good food that helps you relax and sleep. In addition, antioxidants that are contained in the chocolate is much more than in other kinds of food.


avocado contain substance that make you happy

Avocados have many great benefits such as keeping and saving the heart of yous and also helping the process of digestion. But, you may not know even realize something when you eat it.

Avocados are an excellent booster of mood. This fruit is a natural hormone balancer, making sure the brain has really released the right and good chemicals for making you feel great.


grape flavonoid antioxidant good for mood

Wine contains some antioxidants. Then, this fruit has good taste while making you feel much better. This fruit contains some flavonoids in which they basically can decrease or lose depression and influence your mood. So, eat grapes like you eat a snack for increasing the ‘mood’.


its serotonin good for mood

Nuts containing healthy fats will keep you smiling. These foods contain serotonin, chemicals that make the body feel good, and if you are in short supply you can feel depressed. In your diet, include cashews, Brazilian walnuts, nuts, and also almonds to improve the ‘mood’.

Sesame seeds

The seeds of sesame can help improve the ‘mood’ in time quickly. Amino acids present in the seeds of sesame increase brain dopamine levels. You can sprinkle some sesame seeds into smoothies or salads.

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A mushroom actually contains some great vitamins like B6 vitamin which have an impact on the neurotransmitters and serotonin production. This great vitamin is exactly associated with providing a good mood. Then, it can help decrease naturally stress.


Strawberry is one of the happy foods that can be a booster of mood. It is based on a fact in which this fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins like manganese, vitamin A, and also vitamin C. This good nutrient can help increase some happy and good chemicals in your brain.


Quinoa is very rich in amino acids so it is considered a great source of folate, protein, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus. This mineral has been known to improve or increase naturally your energy. You can give this quinoa to your lovely dishes such as salads or pancakes.

However, you need also to avoid foods that make you feel bad to keep your mental health. You can combine all the food for recipes to make you feel better. Those are the lists of foods that make you happy. Give it a try!

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