Rubbing Garlic On Hemorrhoids For External Pain As Home Remedies Benefits

The benefit of garlic for hemorrhoids is indeed not a secret. What best garlic application for shrinking piles whether with olive oil, coconut oil in fresh raw, juice, steamed, paste or crushed as suppository form. Here is the explanation.

Getting Rid Of Hemorrhoids Traditionally

Even so many years ago, these natural home remedies for getting rid of hemorrhoids are well-known as a traditional method to recover this disease. Until now, the ingredient still becomes a good alternative. Another alternative is onion treatment for piles that you can try at home. The effectiveness of Epsom salt in relieving hemorrhoids pain makes people also try this method to ease the inflammation.
Garlic for Hemorrhoids : Reasons Why People Use It to Cure Their Pain

Moreover, it is by remembering that the chemical medication often gives some side effects. How can garlic be really beneficial and how to apply it? Check them out.

Content And Benefits of Garlic to Heal Hemorrhoids

Garlic contains a substance namely alisin that has multiple functions. They are antibiotics, blood pressure controllers, and sources of antioxidants. Many studies prove that alisin is the main component of various benefits of garlic.

That’s why; it is not really surprising if hemorrhoids can be removed due to the same substance. When garlic is sliced or pulverized, the alisin content turns into Propane-sulfonic acid.

The acid is functioned as antibacterial and antifungal that are even stronger some other essential oil especially for hemorrhoids treatment. You can compare the result with the best way to use witch hazel for hemorrhoids as your alternative.

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Steps to Apply Garlic for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Garlic can be used for hemorrhoid treatment in 2 ways.

First, it is by directly consuming this kitchen ingredient. Pound or chop 2 around 2 pieces of garlic and wait for 10 minutes until the substances inside are coming out outside.

Next, you can eat garlic for hemorrhoids directly like common types of drugs. That is well known that eating garlic is good for piles. Sure, if you are disturbed by the smell, you can mix it with another ingredient. There are garlic supplements or suppository as an alternative.

Honey is a good choice for its sweet taste.

Second, treating hemorrhoids with garlic can be used by applying it directly to the diseased area. Applying garlic suppositories by rubbing the wound. The pounded or chopped garlic you have made above, despite being consumed, applies it also to the rectum area before going to bed.

Moreover, if the condition is worse, the garlic even must be inserted to the rectum. You should not worry since this process is not dangerous at all.

In the morning, the garlic will come out by itself when you are defecating. Apply it for 3 times a week to relieve the disease.

Side Effects

Mostly, the application of garlic for adults is relatively safe. However, in some cases, there are indeed some side effects although they are not dangerous.

Some side effects experienced are including bad breath and stomachache. It is also not recommended if you have garlic allergy.

For information, you should not apply the garlic when the rectum is bleeding since this garlic for hemorrhoids treatment can make the condition worse.

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