15 Easy Breakfast Recipes With Simple Ingredients No More 5 Minutes Preparing

The easiest way with easy healthy breakfast ideas with little ingredients that you can prepare very fast not more than 5 minutes but still provide high nutritional content and healthy.

Morning is identical with hectic time, including in breakfast preparation. Besides preparing all the stuff for work, kids to school, having this healthy high in protein breakfast recipes and other nutrients is very important to make your day more exciting.

Understand each healthy breakfast food nutrition facts, you can create your own recipe that useful for your body and maintain good energy all day long. Having a heart-healthy food list is very good as a guide for making breakfast recipes.

However, many feel that making a very very breakfast takes a long time. They assume that much needs to be prepared and made so that breakfast has the right ingredients and is healthy.

15 Good Breakfast Ideas With Little Ingredients No More 5 Minutes Preparing

Here we will show you some good breakfast ingredients list with little ingredients and quick to make.

Although only done in a short time, but you still get a lot of nutritious content needed by the body to start the activity in the morning without losing passion.

Good Breakfast Nutrition Content For Morning Activity

In order for your body’s health to be maintained properly, then breakfast must contain nutrients that are needed by the body. Some nutrients that must be present in the breakfast menu include:

  1. Whole-Grains
  2. Lean Protein
  3. Calcium
  4. Fiber
  5. Low-fat dairy

As a group, the nutritional content is able to provide complex carbohydrates, fiber protein and a number of fats. Even the composition can make you feel full for the next few hours.

Maybe in preparing healthy awesome breakfast recipes, you are unable to put these nutrients into the food. But in the majority, the content needed by the body is already in a good morning breakfast.

Ideas Healthy Breakfast With Little Ingredients

And in the following, we present some breakfast recipes that only require a few ingredients and are done in a short time.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal

good simple breakfast idea

It is simple to make this easy healthy breakfast idea using peanut, butter, and oatmeal. You only need a few minutes to make it, also delicious, tasty, with only little ingredient that available in most kitchen.

It Contains enough calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrate and protein to start your day. You can make it tastier by adding complex ingredients if you want to without adding significant time.


Berry Smoothie Bowl

fast good breakfast recipe ideas

This recipe is really simple, you don’t need a stove to cook anything. Just mix all the ingredients and you will happy along the day.

Besides providing energy for your daily activities since morning, this content is really high in fiber, protein, calcium, vitamin, and potassium.

This meal nutrient is useful for your bone, muscle, skin, cartilage, hair, and blood.


Banana Sushi

Breakfast Banana Fast

The simplest breakfast recipe to make every morning for fruit lovers or banana lovers. You only need 5 ingredients with banana as the main one.

Although this quick high protein breakfast foods recipe is made with a little ingredient, it contains a lot of useful nutrients such as vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin c, dietary fiber, protein, magnesium, folate, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin, small calories, and fat.

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So if you are in a hurry during the morning, then this simple breakfast ingredient is very good and highly nutritious.


Simple Bacon and Egg

Many people love eggs in their morning breakfast. If you are one of them, then you must know this healthy egg breakfast recipes. Only adding other little ingredients to this main baked egg, and you will have a very delicious, tasty meal and give more power for heavy activities.

You only need not more than 5 minutes to make these tasty breakfast ideas. With egg as the main ingredient in this recipe, you will have a high nutrient such as iron, calories, protein, saturated fat, mineral, and carotenoid.

The whole, you get vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12. Also selenium, phosphorus, zinc, and potassium. By doing this healthy eating habits, you can improve the quality of your life.


Little Ingredient Pancake Breakfast

Low Card Pancake Breakfast

For you who lovers of a low carb breakfast meal, this easy breakfast ideas for a crowd recipe are good for you. Besides only short in preparation, you will get a lot of good nutrients and energy.

Calories, 0 cholesterol, sodium, a very small amount of carbohydrate, sugar, and protein included in this pancake recipe. But if you are intolerant to gluten, you need to choose the right ingredient carefully.

There are only 3 ingredients involved to make this simple breakfast recipe. Simple, tasty, feel full, and more.


Egg Breakfast Ingredient

egg fast breakfast ingredient

This easy breakfast recipes with simple ingredients are still about 3 ingredients tasty breakfast with egg but with a different combination menu. A mixture of egg with a potato adds more nutritional value that is so important for morning intake. It is not only fat iron, protein only, but give you more vitamin C.

You only need little time in a few minutes to make your breakfast recipes with eggs and potatoes ready and served. It gives you much energy for hard and long work in a day.


Quick Breakfast with Omelet

quick breakfast omelet

A combination of eggs, meat, vegetable, and cheese is a perfect breakfast because providing important nutrition for the most part of your body. The most important part of this recipe is the ease of preparing it.

By doing eating habits with this heart-healthy diet menu regularly, your body will give a good effect with a cheerful day, more exciting and successful.

How to prepare breakfast is very simple, like you make scrambled eggs but with a mixture of other ingredients that make it taste delicious.

This recipe has important content as energy to help your activities, namely protein.

Eggs provide a lot of main nutritional content and are good for breakfast.


Simple breakfast Without Egg

simple breakfast without egg

If you are an egg-hater and light breakfast lover, you can try to make this recipe just in a minute.

This unique breakfast recipe is as easy as you mix all three or five ingredients. Throw together all the ingredient with some vanilla or honey yogurt and add some cut of fruit, some jam, and a little granola and it is ready to eat.

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You can change some ingredients with others or adding with milk instead of yogurt.

Bread Toast and Eggs Recipe for Breakfast

bread toast brakfast

If you prefer fruit than cereal for breakfast, you need to try this simple breakfast recipe with bread. It is just a simple thing to do by smearing avocado on wheat bread. As a topping, you can add egg of smoked beef.

Very tasty easy breakfast recipes on the go you can make at home. As a taste, you can add spices that you like such as salt, pepper, tomato sauce, etc. There are so many combinations of this easy breakfast idea for kids from the bread, toast, topping, and seasoning. You can try it until you find the most delicious recipe.

All Oat Mixture Fast Breakfast

oat fast breakfast

Unlike previous recipes that you created in the morning or before going to work, this breakfast made in advance before the job preparation.

Pour oat at other any ingredients you like from fruit of plum, strawberry, blueberry, etc. Add some kind of nuts such as almonds, walnuts. Simply by eating healthy on a tight budget grocery list, you can save a lot every month.

Mixing the ingredient with milk, yogurt or smoothies if you can spend some of your time. Adding honey is a perfect combination of good taste and calories. Leaving it for a few minutes until ready to eat.

After all your work preparation is done, you can enjoy your quick easy breakfast ideas without eggs.

Fish Vege Toast

samoked salmon yogurt toast for breakfast

For those who need a low carb and high protein intake, this recipe is really good for you. Easy to create, needs an only small ingredient for about four to five, this meal will be ready nor more than in 3 minutes.

A toast is a min food in this recipe, for topping you can mix up with smoked salmon or other as you like. Put yogurt as on the toast and adding with fish, tomato, or other vegetables.

This on the go recipe includes in the highest-protein breakfast food with varies ingredients of fruit, vegetables with or without egg. This meal is low card and good for those who in the weight loss program. It can serve a source of long hour energy for you in a day. Other nutrients help your body in maintaining fitness and keep healthy.

Muesli Fruit Instant Breakfast

muesli fruit instant breakfast

If you are a fruit breakfast lovers\, this recipe is suitable for you. This healthy meal in the morning does not only give you a full feeling, but also a chance for creative in preparing the breakfast.

Because besides simple in preparation, you can also change the ingredients with other that you like.

You only need not more than 5 minutes to make it without cooking anything just mixing up all the little ingredients into a breakfast bowl.


Those all healthy breakfast with little ingredients you can create at home easily and quickly without breaking your wallet.

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